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FriendFeed Now Allows File Sharing, Including MP3s

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts There’s no pause or cancel button on uploads, and there are no clear guidelines yet on exactly what the size upload limits are, either for single files or cumulative daily uploads. Another missing link is a possible expiration date on uploaded files. While these questions remain unanswered, the biggest question in our minds is why the implementation of this feature took so long in the first place. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… jolie odell Everyone’sRobert Scoble‘s favorite real-time microblogging service, FriendFeed, is now allowing users to post and download many kinds of files through their site.Sadly, video files are not on the list of accepted formats. Yet. And users can only upload three MP3s in a 24-hour period. However, other file types, from PSDs to RTFs, are accepted and up- and downloadable.According to the above-linked FriendFeed blog post, “This has been an especially popular request from organizations and companies that collaborate using FriendFeed groups. We’ve certainly been using this feature internally and have found it extremely useful. We hope it’ll help make you and your collaborators even more productive, and a little more attached to FriendFeed.”Users can click the posted links to download files. With MP3s specifically, an embedded media player appears in the post.center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Product Reviews#web Users can also choose to post via email, sending files as attachments to [email protected] Naturally, there’s a file-size limit, as well, which we hit pretty quickly while trying to upload a large Photoshop file and were given a simple “Could not upload” error message in return.last_img read more

Courting glory

first_imgThe Centre Court audience rises to its feet to congratulate Tsonga and cheer Federer at the 2011 Wimbledon ChampionshipsOn a clear, perfect, eye-blue day, 15,000 breathless souls gaze in wonder as the magic unfolds on grass. Two adversaries, dressed head-totoe in matching white, face off in one of the world’s,The Centre Court audience rises to its feet to congratulate Tsonga and cheer Federer at the 2011 Wimbledon ChampionshipsOn a clear, perfect, eye-blue day, 15,000 breathless souls gaze in wonder as the magic unfolds on grass. Two adversaries, dressed head-totoe in matching white, face off in one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious sporting tournaments. As the green ball, at the players’ beck and call, flies from one end of the grass court to the other, anticipation builds. Then a much-awaited scream bellows, “OUT!” and the crowd roars to its feet. The Rolex clock on the scoreboard stops ticking. The match is over. The underdog has eliminated the champion. The crowd cheers not only the victor but the spirit and vitality of a contest steeped in 125 years of tradition.Wimbledon is an anchor of the human psyche. A competition that sees the very best pitted against another, battling on a surface unlike any other for the right to be crowned grass court king. Where technological advancements change perceptions quicker than lightning, there are few living monuments that haven’t been re-christened or re-booted in an effort to reflect the fickle tastes of successive generations. Wimbledon’s remarkable adherence to its core values make it a cultural landmark of continuity.Perhaps this is why Rolex and Wimbledon have forged such a successful partnership over 33 years. Since 1978, Rolex has been the official timekeeper of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’s Wimbledon Championships and, by all indications, the partnership looks set in stone. Even Rolex’s official green blends invisibly into Wimbledon’s viridian legacy.Much of the success of Wimbledon and Rolex’s unique relationship can be attributed to their shared values: excellence, discipline, sportsmanship and focus. While most organisations would be satisfied to use these as marketing buzzwords, often forgetting the responsibility the ideas carry, Rolex has staked its reputation time and again on reflecting these principles in its products and presentation. The Rolex suite nestles in the Centre Court building offering the best in hospitality and a grand place to lounge between matchesEven the individuals selected as brand ambassadors by Rolex are respected for more than just success in their respective fields. In a long list that includes Indian luminaries Anoushka Shankar and Vijay Amritraj, one name encompasses the gamut of Rolex values and, arguably, stands alone as the greatest ever in his field. That man is Roger Federer, winner of more grand slams and acclaim than anyone in history.My journey started with an invitation from Rolex to attend the quarterfinals of the 125th Wimbledon Championships. For a person who grew up reserving the same level of worship for names like Becker, Graf, Navratilova, Ivanisevic, and Sampras that ancient Greeks would for Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, or Hermes, this wasn’t just an assignment but a dream come true.One of the most visible ways in which Rolex abides by its value system is by its presence at the world’s most prestigious sporting events, especially tennis, golf, and yachting. In this regard, Rolex has been developing its hospitality plan since 2005, building luxury experiences for its customers at these amazing gaming events.Strawberries and cream are a beloved staple of the Wimbledon experience, most arriving from Kent for the tournamentThe day begins with a sumptuous lunch at the Rolex suite, located inside Wimbledon’s Centre Court building. The balcony affords a view of the main entrance and scoreboard, allowing the visitor to enjoy the hospitality Rolex has to offer while being able to follow the on-court action. After calming giddy nerves with Lansom Black Label Brut champagne, and downing several glasses of a 2009 Chassagne Montrachet to go with a roast rack of Welsh lamb, the Rolex invitees are ushered to their seats at Centre Court. Not too far right of the Royal box, the view from the Rolex stand is just right: not so close that one needs to keep turning one’s head to follow the ball, and not so far as to make the play unintelligible. The seats look to the court at a 45 degree angle (and also give a dead-on view of the Rolex scoreboard), which makes it the perfect vantage point to watch every nuance of a lofted ball getting slammed at 120 km/hr.The quarterfinal clash sees living legend Roger Federer take on celebrated upstart Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Coincidentally, both Federer and Tsonga are Rolex brand ambassadors. Dramatically different in playing styles, Tsonga is known as a passionate and powerful player, capable of elevating his game under pressure, whereas Federer is a master of every form of the game.While Tsonga has a few fans in attendance, the crowd is here for Federer and Federer does not disappoint, taking the first two sets almost effortlessly. As the crowds file out after a shock defeat for Federer at the hands of Tsonga, Kipling’s words engraved at the entrance of Centre Court sum it all up, “If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same.”Rolex brand ambassadors, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Roger Federer, face off in Centre Court at WimbledonAfter the match, the guests return to the Rolex suite to complete the experience with the final (and most famous) component of the Wimbledon experience: strawberries and cream. During the 14-day tournament, more than 28,000 kg of strawberries dunked in 7,000 litres of cream are consumed.As we enjoy dessert, the giant scoreboard indicates that India’s mixed doubles team of Rohan Bapanna and Sania Mirza have moved onto the quarterfinal and the Indian contingent share a few warm smiles. Looking around, we can see that while the essence of Wimbledon remains steadfast, small technological changes are creeping in. The courts use the hawk-eye system to challenge umpire decisions, the finals will be broadcast in 3D and Centre Court has a retractable roof. The changes are not glaring, but rather sewn neatly into the existing fabric of Wimbledon history. The same philosophy applies when Rolex brings subtle changes to its pieces, always building on what previously existed. A long term vision, immune to fashion and trends, is at the heart of Rolex’s “evolution in continuity” approach and that’s what makes it a befitting partner for Wimbledon. DatejustRoger Federer describes his favourite watch as a classic model that incorporates a modern touch. Here are a few features of the Rolex Datejust II.Cyclops: The unique magnifying Cyclops eye allows easy view of the date through an aperture on the dial, a Rolex design standard.Oyster case: Hermetically sealed to the case with a massive torque of five newton metres, the back of any Oyster creates an environment that protects the movement from shocks, pressure, dust, water and any other intrusive element.Superlative: Chronometer The movement of this watch has endured 15 days and nights of testing by the Contr´le Officiel Suisse des Chronomtres. To receive the famed COSC certification, a watch must demonstrate extreme precision in a variety of positions and temperatures.advertisementadvertisementlast_img read more