New report says installed solar capacity worldwide could hit 1.3TW by 2023

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:The global PV market is forecast to see a 25% increase in new deployments this year, according to the Global Market Outlook for Solar Power published by SolarPower Europe.According to the Medium Scenario presented in the report, which the association sees as the most likely outcome, new global capacity additions will reach 128 GW this year, up from 102.4 GW in 2018. China is still expected to be the largest market with around 43 GW and the authors of the report claim that the Chinese government is now acting faster than previously anticipated with the restructuring of its incentive scheme for solar. They say that this could lead to sustained growth, despite the weak numbers for new solar deployments that have already been announced this year.Under the Medium Scenario, the U.S. and India are expected to install more than 10 GW this year — 11.8 GW and 12.9 GW, respectively. Europe is forecast to install approximately 20.4 GW of new solar in 2019, which would represent an 80% increase from the 11.3 GW the Old Continent added last year.“2018 was a unique year for the entire global solar industry, as we exceeded the magic installation mark of 100 GW per year for the first time, which led the solar power sector to grow to over 500 GW or 0.5 TW (terawatt),” says the association’s president, Christian Westermeier.SolarPower Europe’s Medium Scenario also envisages that global solar demand could grow by 12% year on year to 144 GW in 2020. In the following three years, new additions could reach 158 GW (+10%), 169 GW (+7%), and 180 GW (+6%), respectively. If those numbers are achieved, the world’s cumulative installed PV capacity would increase from around 600 GW at the end of this year to 900 GW in 2021, 1.1 TW in 2022 and about 1.3 TW by the end of 2023.More: Global cumulative PV capacity may reach 1.3 TW in 2023, SolarPower Europe says New report says installed solar capacity worldwide could hit 1.3TW by 2023last_img read more

When you know better, you do better

first_img 63SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Angi Harben Angi Christensen Harben is the Director of Communications for Georgia Credit Union Affiliates. A credit union stepped in and supported her when she was younger, and she truly enjoys her … Web: www.gcua.org Details In a recent statewide consumer survey conducted by Georgia Credit Union Affiliates, 66 percent of respondents said they learned about finances from life experience.To me, when I see “learned from life experience” that means, “learned the hard way.” The bounced-a-bunch-of-checks-and-got-my-account-closed way. The made-a-late-payment-hit-with-fees-and-jacked-up-interest-rates way. The didn’t-pay-the-bill-and-the-water-got-cut-off way. All lessons, by the way, that “life experience” taught me at one time or another.With two out of three people learning their money lessons like this, I am not alone. And the tuition on this kind of schooling is steep! Late fees, accruing penalties, higher deposits required on utilities, lower credit scores, higher interest rates on loans, fewer options when it comes time to make a purchasing decision, and the stress that can seep into other areas like work and relationships…the cost is high for that kind of life experience.So why don’t more people talk to the kids in their lives about money?I see four major reasons:You think it’s over their heads. You still need to do everything for them, from wiping their noses to making sure they wear a coat outside in winter. But kids as young as 5 love playing “store” and pretending to deal with money. At this point, they probably still like doing things with you! Take them out and about with you so they can see you go through the business of banking, paying bills, making buying decisions. They emulate you and want to be like you. It’s easier if you start early, so make it fun and make them aware of the role money plays in daily life.If you’ve made some financial decisions in your life that you’re not exactly proud of, it might be difficult to admit that to your child. You want to be a good role model. You want to be the person they can look up to. You worry what they will think of you if they find out you’ve made mistakes. Maybe really big mistakes.Well, if you can’t be a good example, maybe you can be a horrible warning. Although that quote is funny, there is some credence to it. Say when you were younger you got a credit card and rang up the balance so high you couldn’t pay it off, then damaged your credit and had to get a car at a buy here/pay here lot and paid double the price of the car in interest. Or fill in the blank with whatever painful financial situation you found yourself in that you now chalk up to “life experience.”If you share your story, and the negative impact of some decisions that meant others were automatically made for you, it might keep your kids from making similar mistakes. And save them a lot of time and effort to get things back on track. If they keep in mind the consequences of your actions, you’d be giving them the gift of more knowledge – and hopefully better decisions – than you possessed way back when you had your first real job, an unblemished credit card and a $1000 limit on your shiny new credit card.When you were growing up, money wasn’t discussed. If you never had anyone talk with you about finances when you were a child, it’s hard to know what to say to your own kids. But just because you don’t talk about it – or talk about it honestly – doesn’t mean your kids don’t know anything about what’s going on. If you don’t make sure they have good, useful information they might not correctly interpret what they see. They might think you sticking to a tight budget means money is too tight for them to feel secure, when in reality, you are just committed to adding to the substantial cushion you’ve saved. Like so many “big” topics, talking about it with your kids isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s necessary.You don’t think you know enough to properly educate them. That could very well be true. But the remedy to that is not to leave them to their own devices. Get yourself educated first. It will be beneficial for them to grow up in a home that is on solid financial ground and show them a good example by arming yourself with all the knowledge you need to create a successful life.Your kids are going to have information flung at them from every angle. Most of us regularly receive credit card offers, bills, direct mail and email promoting something that separates consumers from their money. Young people need to be equipped with the knowledge that will allow them to confidently make informed decisions about their finances and their futures.Don’t leave them to learn these lessons from “life experience.” Be a gentler teacher than bill collectors will ever be. We all want our kids to find success. To do better than we did.When kids know better, they will do better.April is Financial Literacy Month and Credit Union National Youth Month. For more information on personal financial literacy for you and your children, visit www.asmarterchoice.org and http://www.georgiaconsortium.org.last_img read more

12 WFH Secret Santa gifts for 2020 » Gadget Flow

first_imgRaspberry Pi 400 Personal Microcomputer Kensington Coolview Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk Fan No matter which items you choose, the WFH Secret Santa gifts on this list are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who works from home. So have a look at this list for awesome remote work gift ideas and get ready to impress that hard-working professional on your secret Santa draw.Twelve South StayGo USB-C Organized Desktop HubThe first product on our list of WFH gadgets for your secret Santa 2020 is the Twelve South StayGo USB-C Organized Desktop Hub. This gadget has a cable that’s long enough to keep itself hidden behind a desk or your monitor, so users don’t have to see the mess of cords it holds. It also has a variety of ports.Satechi Type-C 75W Multiport Travel ChargerThe Satechi Type-C 75W Multiport Travel Charger makes it easy to charge multiple devices at once. It comes with a USB-C port, a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Port, and two USB 3.0 plugs. Also, the fast charge feature provides a 50% charge in half an hour.Satechi Type-C 75W Multiport Travel Charger– Advertisement – Oakywood 2-in-1 Headphone Stand and Charger Kensington Coolview Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk Fan Microsoft Number Pad Keyboard AccessoryThe Microsoft Number Pad Keyboard Accessory is great from the WFH friend who works with numbers. This number pad will help her type faster and more naturally. It can even be customized with frequently used symbols and macros.Microsoft Number Pad Keyboard AccessoryMicrosoft Number Pad keyboard accessory on a workspaceWe hope you found the WFH gadgets on this list helpful for your holiday shopping endeavors. Let us know what you thought of the items on this roundup, or if you know of any other great WFH gadgets, in the comments.Want more tech news, reviews, and guides from Gadget Flow? Follow us on Google News, Feedly, and Flipboard. If you’re using Flipboard, you should definitely check out our Curated Stories. We publish three new stories every day, so make sure to follow us to stay updated!  SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen Writing System Oakywood 2-in-1 Headphone Stand and Charger Native Union Belt Cable Pro Laptop Charger UNIQ Vertex Duo Foldable Dual Fast Wireless Charger Oakywood 2-in-1 Headphone Stand and ChargerOakywood 2-in-1 Headphone Stand and Charger on a desk Razer Pro Click Ergonomic Wireless MouseThe Razer Pro Click Ergonomic Wireless Mouse is another great item on our list of WFH Secret Santa gifts. This mouse improves productivity with a 16,000 DPI sensor that maximizes its responsiveness. Best of all, the ergonomic design prevents wrist pain.Razer Pro Click Ergonomic Wireless MouseRazer Pro Click ergonomic wireless mouse on a deskSyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen Writing SystemThe SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen Writing System lets users put pen to paper, then modifies hand-written notes into electronic drafts. Your coworker can then easily organize and find their notes without using paper. The Gadget Flow Daily Digest highlights and explores the latest intech trends to keep you informed. Want it straight to your inbox?Subscribe ➜ UNIQ Vertex Duo Foldable Dual Fast Wireless ChargerUNIQ Vertex Duo foldable dual fast wireless charger on a side table SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen Writing System Oakywood 2-in-1 Headphone Stand and ChargerThe Oakywood 2-in-1 Headphone Stand and Charger keeps headphones lifted and any Qi-enabled device wirelessly charged. Featuring solid wood and stainless steel, this product is an impressive yet functional addition to anyone’s home workspace. Satechi Type-C 75W multiport travel charger with a laptopRaspberry Pi 400 Personal MicrocomputerThe Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Microcomputer is another of our favorite WFH gadgets. This device fits a whole PC in a keyboard and offers four gigabytes of RAM. It also has a MicroSD card slot for running the operating system and storage. This affordable gadget offers the functional minimalism modern professionals need. Looking for the perfect gift for your colleague or friend who works from home this holiday season? Check out the list below. Today’s Daily Digest is all about products that make working from a home office easier and more enjoyable. Check it out to find just the right gift for that person in your life who always works super hard.If you have coworkers or friends who work from home, you’re in luck this holiday season. 2020 sees us with more gadgets than ever that make working from a home office easier and more comfortable. You could get your friend an ergonomic mouse that keeps her wrist comfortable for hours of computer work. Or, you could get your coworker a headset stand that keeps his desk organized and smartphone wirelessly charged.Related: 10 Cool product designs for your home office- Advertisement – The Microsoft Designer Compact Wireless Keyboard helps anyone work more efficiently. It has a screen snipping key that lets users quickly capture and share what’s on their screens. Best of all, its compact design reduces its use of desktop space, keeping desks as clear as possible.Microsoft Designer Compact Wireless KeyboardMicrosoft Designer Compact Wireless Keyboard with work accessoriesSatechi Quatro Wireless Power BankThe Satechi Quatro Wireless Power Bank keeps all of their devices charged. That’s because this power bank has a 10,000 mAh battery capacity that can charge an iPhone 11 twice with just one charge. It has a USB-C PD to power an iPad Pro and its additional USB-A port lets it charge two devices simultaneously.UNIQ Vertex Duo Foldable Dual Fast Wireless ChargerThe UNIQ Vertex Duo Foldable Dual Fast Wireless Charger lets anyone do more. It’s only 15 millimeters thick and delivers up to 15W of fast wireless charging. It also keeps phones propped while so users and work from their phones hands free. Native Union Belt Cable Pro Laptop ChargerThe Native Union Belt Cable Pro Laptop Charger is compatible with most USB-C devices, making it highly versatile. It also supports up to 100W for fast charging. So users won’t have to wait long to power up their laptops. Finally, with its eight-foot range it provides a longer reach to wall outlets. Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Microcomputer UNIQ Vertex Duo Foldable Dual Fast Wireless Charger Microsoft Designer Compact Wireless Keyboard- Advertisement – Kensington Coolview Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk FanThe final item on our WFH Secret Santa gifts list is the Kensington Coolview Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk Fan. It features an ergonomic design that promotes back health since it raises displays to the ideal height. It also has a fan that circulates air beneath the computer. Kensington Coolview Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk FanKensington Coolview Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk Fan and an iMac Lauren has been writing and editing since 2008. She loves working with text and helping writers find their voice. When she’s not typing away at her computer, she cooks and travels with her husband and two daughters. Native Union Belt Cable Pro Laptop Charger SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen Writing SystemSyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen writing system in use Raspberry Pi 400 Personal MicrocomputerRaspberry Pi 400 personal microcomputer on a desk – Advertisement – Native Union Belt Cable Pro Laptop ChargerNative Union Belt Cable Pro laptop charger with deviceslast_img read more

Metro offers caterers free digital tools

first_imgFind out more about Metro’s free digital tools on the METRO website.  In order to additionally support the catering sector, Metro will provide marketing support to caterers who continue to work through delivery through the “Fina Papica” project.  The new delivery tool comes as part of the free website that Metro offers to caterers, and in addition to the delivery tool and free website, Metro has also made a free menu design service available to its professional customers. Two years ago, Metro made a more than smart strategic decision not to base its sales philosophy on prices, but on smartly adding value to its partners. And in this extraordinary time where catering and tourism are directly affected and closed, this is further highlighted. Currently, everyone’s goal is to reduce all costs to a minimum, and Metro offers its partners various free digital services. METRO PRESENTS FREE TOOL FOR WEBSITES AND ONLINE RESERVATIONS FOR CATERERS As part of the “Fina Papica” project, Metro provides its professional customers with additional opportunities to promote and strengthen their business even in this challenging time. There will be restaurants on the Fina Papica platform that currently provide delivery service.  So Metro invites caterers to go free digital platforms DISH (Digital Innovations and Solutions for Hospitality) are activating their own delivery service, in order to contribute to the stability of their business in the current circumstances of the pandemic. RELATED NEWS: METRO SALES PHILOSOPHY IS NOT BASED ON PRICES, BUT ON SMART VALUE TO ADDED VALUE As a reliable partner of professional customers, Metro always wants to be a support to caterers, especially in this challenging time when the businesses of many are affected by preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, he stressed. Tomislav Kostanjevac, Head of HoReCa digital platforms Metro Hrvatska and added: “That is why we have provided our customers with a number of free digital tools that we want to support in their business, such as activating our own delivery and creating menus. In addition, every week we will publish educational videos on our official online channels that can help them adjust their business to current conditions, and on our website we have included a simple overview of measures of the Government of the Republic of Croatia to help entrepreneurs affected by the coronavirus pandemic.”.last_img read more

Nelson’s Dryden Hunt caps amazing Junior career with WHL Player of the Year award

first_imgAnd the awards just keep on coming for Nelson Minor Hockey grad and Moose Jaw Warriors sniper Dryden Hunt.Hunt, who beat out Western Conference and Victoria Royals defenceman Joe Hicketts, was crowned with the WHL’s highest honour Wednesday in Calgary when he was handed the Four Broncos Memorial Trophy as the league’s player of the year.Hunt was the Eastern Conference Four Broncos Memorial Trophy winner.The WHL’s top honour completed the storybook season for the 20-year-old forward, who was passed over in the 2010 WHL bantam draft.The 6-foot, 200-pound left-winger finished the regular season with league-high 58 goals while playing all 72 regular-season games in his final junior campaign. Hunt finished second to Adam Brooks of the Regina Pats in the WHL scoring race with 116.Hunt recorded five hat tricks in the month of February and has six on the season. He was named WHL player of the month for January and player of the week in February.Before scoring 58 times this season, Hunt’s best season came in 2014 when he registered 21 goals.Over his WHL career, Hunt scored 117 goals, had 132 assists for 249 points in 269 games.After being passed over in the bantam draft, Hunt found a home with Regina Pats for three plus seasons before begin traded to Medicine Hat Tigers midway through the 29014-15 season.Moose Jaw acquired Hunt before the start of the 2015-16 WHL season.Hunt, who attended off-season development camps in Carolina and Montreal, was also passed over in the NHL entry draft before landing an entry-level deal with Florida Panthers in March of this year.Hunts parents, Carla DeBiasio and Jeff Hunt, were in Calgary for the awards presentation.Check out the YouTube link of the award ceremony.last_img read more