BREAKING: Formaldeyde in Water Allegedly Causing Ebola-like Symptoms

first_imgA man in Schieffelin, a community located in Margibi County on the Robertsfield Highway, has been arrested for attempting to put formaldehyde into a well used by the community.Reports say around 10 a.m., he approached the well with powder in a bottle. Mobbed by the community, he confessed that he had been paid to put formaldeyde into the well, and that he was not the only one. He reportedly told community dwellers, “We are many.” There are  are agents in Harbel, Dolostown, Cotton Tree and other communities around the ountry, he said.State radio, ELBC, reports that least 10 people in the Dolostown community have died after drinking water from poisoned wells.The man also alleged that some water companies, particularly those bagging mineral water to sell, are also involved. The poison, he said, produces Ebola-like symptoms and subsequently kills people.The Observer had previously been informed that people dressed as nurses were going into communities with ‘Ebola Vaccines’. Once injected, it reportedly produces Ebola-like symptoms and sends victims into a coma. Shortly thereafter, victims expire. Communities are now reportedly chasing vaccine peddlers out of their communities. After 10 children reportedly died from the ‘vaccine’ in Bensonville, the peddlers were reportedly chased out of the community upon their next visit.It is possible that the ‘vaccine’ is/was composed of the same formaldehyde-water mixture. This publication has received reports from families whose loved ones’ organs were missing upon return of the bodies to the families. Families suspect an organ trafficking operation is capitalizing on the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia.The district’s representative condemned the act as barbaric, but called upon Liberians not to doubt the existence of the Ebola virus in the country.An investigation is ongoing.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

France v Iceland: Euro 2016 live stream commentary on talkSPORT

first_img Kick-off is at 8pm in Stade de France in Saint-Denis 1 Euro 2016: Every Goal, Every Game, Every Day on talkSPORTThe final Euro 2016 quarter-final takes place in Saint-Denis on Sunday evening, as hosts France take on Iceland looking to book a semi-final clash against Germany.So far, Les Bleus have beaten Romania, Albania and the Republic of Ireland, whilst Iceland have overcome their minnow status to beat Austria and England on route to this stage of the competition.On the way to the quarter-finals, they have endeared themselves to a number of fans who wish to see the tiny nation continue their incredible tournament, although France will pose a real challenge.Didier Deschamps’ men are considered one of the favourites to win the entire Euros, and they appear to be playing at full throttle now, following their win over Ireland.What the managers said:France coach Didier Deschamps“The players know Iceland aren’t here by chance. If they’re here it’s because they deserve to be and have quality. Long throws from 35 or 40 metres out are like free-kicks for them and we’ve come up with ways to deal with it. Don’t reduce them to long throws, though. In open play they’re capable of playing it on the deck. Iceland deserved to beat England, and they did it through the quality of their play.”Iceland joint-coach Lars Lagerback“I always say to players and media that in football you always have a realistic chance. I would say that France are a little bit of a favourite, but I won’t call them a big favourite. Most important for us is that we go out tomorrow and believe we can beat them. If we have that attitude, I think we can cause them some problems.”Confirmed team news:France XI: Lloris, Sagna, Umtiti, Koscielny, Evra, Pogba, Matuidi, Sissoko, Griezmann, Payet, GiroudSubstitutes: Mandanda, Jallet, Cabaye, Gignac, Martial, Schneiderlin, Mangala, Digne, Coman, CostilIceland XI: Halldorsson, Saevarsson, Arnason, Ragnar Sigurdsson, Skulason, Gudmundsson, Gunnarsson, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Birkir Bjarnason, Sigthorsson, BodvarssonSubstitutes: Kristinsson, Hauksson, Hermannsson, Ingason, Finnbogason, Sigurjonsson, Theodor Elmar Bjarnason, Magnusson, Hallfredsson, Traustason, Gudjohnsen, JonssonFrance v Iceland is live on talkSPORT from 7pm (8pm kick-off) – check here for the various ways to follow the gamelast_img read more

Sponsor Post: Understanding Your Visual and Voice Brands

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Editor’s note: We offer our long-term sponsors the opportunity to write posts and tell their story. These posts are clearly marked as written by sponsors, but we also want them to be useful and interesting to our readers. We hope you like the posts and we encourage you to support our sponsors by trying out their products.Digital technology in marketing is no longer a new concept, and social media platforms are being used more and more often. We all get that. What’s still developing is how these new social media channels affect your brand.One area that’s being flushed out is how to keep your brand consistent when your social media strategy calls for the addition of a blog, a Twitter presence, a Facebook page, and a YouTube Channel and so on.Brad VanAuken at Branding Strategy Insider can’t overemphasize the importance of brand consistency enough:“….when it comes to brand identity, I learned a long time ago that consistency is the secret to success. With enough repetition, people encode the brands identity… in their brains, preferably linked to things that matter to them. If you mess with the… brand, these linkages and associations are likely to break down.”When that happens, you lose brand awareness, brand loyalty, and, ultimately, brand equity.What new problems does the addition of managing multiple social channels present?Presence in “unclaimed channels.” Part of starting a social media program means you put your brand in channels that you have limited or no ownership over – Facebook, Twitter, Yelp. Out there, people – lovers or haters – have a lot more input on how your brand is perceived, and you have only so much control.Brand responsiveness and shift from traditional push marketing. You can’t just talk at people anymore and consider it done. People expect an ongoing response from you, one you may not have normally elicited under traditional marketing rules.Unclear internal channel ownership. Social media makes use of tools that are sometimes used by different internal departments with different agendas, and things can get a little chaotic. Organizing and managing your content and where that content goes is a lot more difficult to streamline.Larger number of “channel managers.” Because some channels require multiple people to implement, there’s a lot of coordination that has to happen to execute your social media strategy. Communication to everyone involved becomes more difficult when you start adding managers, departments and initiatives. Is everybody working together or running over each other?Conversation. The big item that signifies a major departure from traditional marketing is that you’re now required to have a whole lot more conversation. You’ve got to respond. “What, my brand has to talk now?” Sure does. And it better be good talking because it matters a lot more to customers. This may be old news to many, but actually implementing a good “conversation plan” is something a lot of marketers haven’t had to think about.Sound like a lot to handle? It is, but if you think about the following two elements, you should be able to develop a strategy that guarantees brand consistency in the social media space.Your Visual BrandFor any seasoned marketer, this part should come easily. The visual aspects of brand management are little-changed from traditional marketing – logo, colors, shape, etc. – and luckily they’re pretty easy to manage online.However, they aren’t impossible to mess up. Never underestimate not only the power of your logo and the need for an easily identifiable image that connects directly and uniquely back to your organization, but also the way that logo is used across mediums.For instance, your website, Twitter account and Facebook profile should all have the same overall visual features so your audience hardly feels like they’re shifting platforms. All content that goes out the door in digital format should look the same, and it should look like all the other collateral that goes out as well. Invest the time and money in digitally sound design work, and it should become plug-and-play across platforms.Your Voice BrandUntil now, voice has had only indirect effects on most brands. If it has come into play more directly for some of you, it’s been as part of the recognition component of your brand. Maybe James Earl Jones is your spokesman… should you be so lucky.Voice means something new and more important in today’s social marketing landscape, where you’re required to engage – have conversation, respond and develop two-way relationships.Your voice is now directly related to the connection your audience makes to your brand, and it has a direct effect on your brand image. It should be considered as strong an influencer as your logo, your tagline or your product quality.For your audience, it’s more than recognizing James Earl Jones, but identifying when a brand has a good or bad conversation with you or, or whether it responded in a positive or negative way.One of the oldest trends in social marketing – and one that isn’t going away – is the creation of valuable content. As content is being made available online by organizations and being published on multiple platforms, voice is becoming that much more important.When you’re publishing content, you want people to interact with that content, and you’re inviting them into a conversation. How your brand is going to sound and respond and converse across multiple channels needs to consistently reflect your brand.If you’re a larger organization, with more people handling social media, it’s important to not only build consistency and centralization into your social media management tools, but also communicate your voice brand strategy across the organization. When those two happen together, your platform management system will be much more likely to support overall brand consistency.Your visual brand is already important, and your voice brand is going to be a lot more important moving forward, so make sure both are built into social media strategy with equal strength. If you do, you’ll be well on your way to keeping things streamlined and lasting. rww sponsor 1 Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Tags:#Sponsors#web Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more