Florida Highway trooper arrested for corruption

first_imgA Florida Highway Patrol trooper was arrested after investigators said he helped a friend cover up a hit-and-run crash that left a gardener seriously injured.Prosecutors charged David Casillas, 35, with organized fraud, filing a false insurance claim and official misconduct. He surrendered Tuesday to a Miami-Dade jail.Casillas is accused of writing a bogus report for dentist Jesus Del Valle weeks after the crash. Prosecutors in the case suspect that the crash report was used to file a bogus insurance claim for the dentist’s damaged Sports Utility Vehicle.The Florida Highway Patrol fired Casillas in January. Del Valle, 51, was also arrested as part of the investigation, which lasted more than one year. A mechanic, Ariel Perera, is also facing charges.According to an arrest warrant, the case began when Del Valle, driving a Ranger Rover SUV, sideswiped a landscaping crew that was working alongside 62nd Street on June 30, 2015.The gardener, Yoel Montero, of Lewis Tree Service, suffered a traumatic head injury and severe injuries to his right leg, leaving him hobbled for years to come.The motorist never stopped, driving off even though the passenger-side mirror of the vehicle had been torn off. That detail would be key to breaking the case — mirrors for the 2015 Land Rover can only be ordered directly from Range Rover manufacturers.Miami Beach Detective Richard Rodriguez soon discovered that in the weeks after the crash, only one such mirror had been sold — to Perera, Del Valle’s friend and a mechanic, for the dentist’s damaged SUV. Witnesses later placed Del Valle behind the wheel at the time of the crash, the warrant said. Cellphone records also placed Del Valle at the scene of the crash.The probe revealed that Del Valle put in an insurance claim for the damaged SUV.He turned, prosecutors allege, to Trooper Casillas, a personal friend, who agreed to make a report showing that the crash actually happened seven days later and miles away on Bird Road, not in Miami Beach. The report claimed that the SUV crashed into a palm tree.last_img read more

Haitians dishwashers sue South Beach hotel for slave treatment

first_imgA luxury hotel in South Beach, Miami is facing a discrimination lawsuit that claims a group of Haitian dishwashers were fired because of their race, color and nationality and were called “slaves” by managers.The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the lawsuit Tuesday against the SLS Hotel, claiming they violated federal law.The suit alleges the Haitian workers were terminated and replaced with light-skinned Hispanics. It also claims managers called the black employees disparaging names, even referring to them as “slaves.”James Greeley, chief legal officer for the hotel, said the company decided more than two years ago to outsource the staffing of some departments at the SLS Hotel for economic reasons, to try to manage “the wide seasonal fluctuations in the Florida market.”“When this issue first came to our attention, we immediately conducted a thorough internal investigation and found no evidence of wrongdoing,” Greeley said in a statement. “We shared all of that information with the EEOC, and have been engaged in what we thought were cooperative and good-faith discussions about how to resolve this matter. We do not believe we have done anything wrong and will fully defend our company against any false claims.”The lawsuit seeks monetary compensation and changes at the hotel.last_img read more

Holness wants meeting with Opposition Leader ahead of SOE expiration in…

first_imgKINGSTON, Jamaica,– Prime Minister Andrew Holness is seeking a meeting with Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips ahead of the expiration of states of emergency (SOE) in three separate regions in Jamaica. Holness is insisting there should be a united front in dealing with the crime situation in Jamaica.Last week, the government failed to get support for its efforts to extend the SOE in place since January 2017. Opposition legislators voted against the measure which Holness said was necessary to curtail crime and violence across the island.Since the vote, there have been calls for the two leaders to meet to discuss the way forward and the private sector has led in holding discussions with the leadership of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP) that maintains its position on the matter.In a December 18 letter to Phillips, Prime Minister Holness wrote  he wanted the meeting to take place “before the expiration of the enhanced security measures to discuss your position and identify solutions that could help us to see our way to reaching consensus in support of the extension of the States of Public Emergency as recommended by the Chief of Defense Staff and the Commissioner of Police”.The SOE had been imposed in the parish of St. James, Kingston Western, Kingston Central and St Andrew South and St. Catherine North. All three SOE are due to expire in January.Holness told legislators last week of positive results from the SOE. These included a 20 per cent reduction in murders island wide, and in some areas like Montego Bay, a 70 per cent reduction.“We need more time,” Holness said, making reference to letters from the heads of the security forces requesting a 90-day extension.In his letter, Prime Minister Holness also wrote that he has held discussions with various stakeholders and “the overwhelming position expressed is that the Government and Opposition should be united in the fight against crime.“The sector representatives, as well as the general public, hold the view that Parliament should continue its support for the use of emergency powers to contain and control criminal activity that is beyond the capacity of normal law enforcement measures.“I am concerned that once again Jamaica will be denied the opportunity to bring crime under control, and the current political disunity will only embolden criminals,” Holness wrote.He said that in the “spirit of unity” he was seeking the meeting with Phillips to discuss the situation.last_img read more

Colorectal cancer rates increasing in the young

first_imgStatistics indicate that colorectal cancer rates have been rising in younger adults, an issue that is connected to the prevalence of misdiagnosis among young people. Between 2009 and 2013, colorectal cancer rates increased by 1.6 percent in those under age 50, though they decreased by 4.6 percent per year in individuals 65 and older, and by 1.4 percent in people aged 50 to 64, according to the American Cancer Society. Misdiagnosis Leading to Advanced StageResearch for the American Association for Cancer Research has found that younger patient misdiagnosis often leads to the disease being discovered at an advanced stage.“We need to increase awareness that colon cancer affects not only elderly people but also younger ones,” said Ronit Yarden, Director of Medical Affairs at the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a patient advocacy organization based in Washington, DC. “Of all the different types of cancer, colon cancer is one of the most preventable ones and also, if misdiagnosed and then discovered at a later stage, one of the most deadly ones. We need that information to trickle down to both patients and physicians.”Warning Signs of Colorectal CancerIn a survey conducted by Yarden and colleagues, younger colorectal cancer patients experienced early warning signs that are often typical of the disease. These signs include constipation, rectal bleeding, blood in stool, bloated stomachs, abdominal pain and fatigue. Blood, in particular, is a major sign of the disease, doctors say, with blood on the toilet paper as a red flag. The American Cancer Society recommends cancer screening to begin at age 45, instead of 50, which was the advised age in the past.last_img read more

Presidential Candidates, Address the Critical Issues!

first_imgAP Photo/Richard Vogel MIAMI, Florida – Year after year, there are several urgent, frustrating and challenging issues and problems, some old, some new, that American anxiously seek to be solved by the officials elected to represent them. These issues and problems include:Some Critical IssuesWorkers paid way below an adequate living wage; locked into a federal minimum wage of $7.25, while a tiny minority make millions of dollars annually;Millions of people living without access to affordable and adequate healthcare;Millions also living in pain and suffering because they cannot afford the high prices for medication/drugs charged by drug companies.Millions are living in this, the alleged richest country on earth, in deep poverty, without adequate meals, in deplorable housing, or homeless, and with improper hygiene;Immigrants are no longer welcome, and those who are living in the US live in fear, facing new draconian laws that can have them deported to countries they are no longer familiar with;Immigrant children are held in detention camps, separated from their parents without access to adequate soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, baths, and hot meals;Young people under 16 are tried as adults and sentenced to a penal system that offers little opportunity for behavioral correction;Overcrowded prisons occupied disproportionally by black and other minorities, many who committed minor crimes for which they received unfair, lengthy mandatory sentences;Seniors forced to work years after retirement because of the relative inadequate benefits received from a Social Security system with an uncertain future;The climate and weather in several regions of the country worsens; the ocean on coastlines in states like Florida rises; the environment deteriorates while officials deny the impact of climate change;The nations roads, bridges, airports, railways, water supply, and electrical grids, and other infrastructure are deteriorating and proving inadequate with age;Public schools are overcrowded, while privileged students are being diverted to better schools through a biased system of voucher allocation;Teachers in public schools work often under adverse conditions at low and unrealistic salaries;Americans, many of them young children and teenagers, are killed by the fun daily. And while an abundance of thoughts and prayers are offered to the victims and their loved ones, officials refrain from imposing meaningful gun control laws;Farmers experience losses in revenue and related economic hardships as their exports decline because of inadvisable trade wars with countries that normally buy their producer;Americans paying more for products purchased in retail stores, supermarkets and dollar stores because of these same trade wars.This is far from a complete list, yet those elected to public office, and those currently actively campaigning to be elected, instead of focusing on addressing and solving these issues, often get lost and sidetracked on issues that have little or no relevance to most American voters.Officials elected last November to hopefully address burning issues like affordable healthcare, immigration reform, climate change and low minimum wage seem lost and bewildered in the divisions of Congress. Moderates challenge progressives; Impeachers challenge non impeachers, and the significant inability of elected Republicans and Democrats to work with each persists.And, with all these burning issues so critical to the lives of voters, the overwhelming outcome of the first, highly anticipated debate among the Democratic candidates seeking to be the party’s 2020 presidential nominee, was a confrontation offer the issue of busing to assist with the desegregation of public schools decades ago.Valuable Time and Opportunity Being WastedToday, despite public schools being integrated, racism persists with black and other minority races experiencing most of the crucial issues and problems that affect Americans. Desegregation of public schools, pale in comparison to some of the problems bred by racism. This makes it more implausible that presidential candidates, and subsequently the mainstream media, instead of focusing on addressing issues that could serve to empower minorities wastes valuable time and opportunity highlighting an outdated issue like busing.But It is a negative reflection that after the two-term presidency of a black man, a large percentage of black voters believe only a white man can defeat the incumbent president. Ironically, there is also a large percentage of black voters who remain convinced the black president did little, if anything, to alleviate their peculiar problems.The Sad FactThe sad fact is black American voters, and voters generally, despite their affection for a minority presidential candidate, are weary if that candidate is elected he/she can successfully mobilize the bi-partisan support needed in Washington to solve their problems.However, the negative perception of voters, black or otherwise, should not deter candidates who genuinely want to alleviate the concerns that afflict most Americans, from focusing on those key issues voters badly need addressed and solved. Failure to do so, and persistently dabble in irrelevant issues could turn away the voters they so eagerly seek.last_img read more

Duquette promises Orioles will work “harder and smarter” to compete

first_imgDan Duquette did as well as you could reasonably expect in his introductory press conference after the public-relations disaster that was the Orioles’ general manager search over the last few weeks.The new vice president of baseball operations — a Massachusetts native — recalled his days of imitating Brooks Robinson and the 1966 Orioles in his backyard as a child. In fact, the Hall of Fame third baseman was the first major league player Duquette met many years ago during a trip to Fenway Park.In laying out his vision for returning the Orioles to the glory days, he referenced the philosophy of Harry Dalton, who served as general manager during Baltimore’s most prosperous time from 1966 through 1971.“Aggressive scouting will build you a winning ball club; aggressive international scouting, I believe, will build you a championship ball club. You weave that in with a sound player development operation.”It sounded heartwarming — even a little romantic — before the familiar warning signals that we’ve heard time and time again from others who’ve tried and failed in turning around an organization stuck in baseball purgatory for the last 14 years.Duquette stopped short of repeating the infamous “grow the arms, buy the bats” mantra of former front office head Andy MacPhail, but the former Montreal Expos and Boston Red Sox general manager made it clear the development of pitching would remain the organization’s top priority. It’s a fair and prudent strategy, but much like his predecessor, Duquette couldn’t resist referencing the “behemoths” of the American League East in what’s become a tired excuse for those wanting reasons to believe in the Orioles again.Denouncing the inflated payrolls of your divisional opponents might be tolerable if you were being left at the altar every season with 85 to 90 wins, but it smells of excuse-making when you’re not even allowed in the church after failing to approach the 80-win mark in seven years.But that critique aside, Duquette’s stated commitment to improve scouting and player development is a much-needed strategy for an organization poor in both areas. Despite what many will tell you, finding and developing your own talent and spending money at the major league level do not have to be mutually exclusive. The latter, of course, is dependent on majority owner Peter Angelos, which won’t instill much faith in anyone with ties to the Orioles.“When you don’t have the resources that the top two clubs have, you have to work harder and you have to work smarter,” Duquette said. “You have to do a better job in scouting and you have to do a better job in player development. If you can build up the inventory of your farm system and you’ve got core players coming to your major league team, you’ve got something to talk about. The team that has the best farm system is the team that competes, year in and year out.”Working harder and smarter than the competition sounds great, but how much can the organization really improve with holdovers such as John and Dave Stockstill entrenched in the front office with no track record to support it?And that’s overlooking the fact that Duquette hasn’t worked in a major league front office in nearly a decade. Though claiming he’s maintained contacts throughout the game, how “wired in” will he be to the everyday happenings of baseball circa 2011?With the ever-increasing dependence on statistically-based talent evaluation — more commonly referred to as sabermetrics — how far has the Orioles’ head man fallen behind during his absence from Major League Baseball since 2002?“Your [former] manager here, Earl Weaver, knew the value of on-base percentage way ahead of the sabermetricians,” said Duquette, who added that Weaver’s book on baseball strategy will be required reading throughout the organization. “In fact, I would call that the groundwork for today’s stats. [Weaver] knew the value of scoring a run. He knew the value of how precious each out is, and he was able to impart that on his ball club.”For Duquette, there’s little time to get acclimated to his new surroundings as he must balance finding a scouting director and a minor league pitching instructor with a thin free-agent market that opened for business last week. It’s not exactly an easy task for a man who’s just now moving into his office at the Warehouse.Continue >>>last_img read more

CAF Confederation Cup Final: TP Mazembe Earn Slender Advantage

first_imgTP Mazembe have taken a slender lead in their CAF Confederation Cup clash with South African side Super Sport United after the first leg took place at the Stade TP Mazembe in Lubumbashi on Sunday.Adama Traore and Ghanaian midfielder Daniel Nii Adjei scored either side of halftime to give TP Mazembe a 2-1 victory at home while Sipho Mbule’s goal was sandwiched in between their goals thus giving Super Sport United a priceless away goal.Because of the win, TP Mazembe would be expected to start as slight favourites ahead of the second leg clash in South Africa on Saturday, November 25. RelatedCAF Confederations Cup: Club Africain, TP Mazembe Qualify For SemisSeptember 25, 2017In “Africa”TP Mazembe Hold Off Super Sport To Retain CAF Confederation Cup TitleNovember 26, 2017In “Africa”2017 CAF Confederations Cup: Super Sport United Through To SemisSeptember 24, 2017In “Africa”last_img read more

UCL Wrap (Late Kickoff): Champions Real Thrash Hapless APOEL To Secure Last 16 As…

first_imgGroup F:Manchester City 1-0 FeyenoordNapoli 3-0 Shakthar Donetsk Group H:APOEL Nicosia 0-6 Real MadridBorussia Dortmund 1-2 Tottenham Qualified Teams: Real Madrid join others like Besiktas, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain (PSG) European champions Real Madrid have qualified for the first knockout stage after they recovered from their Matchday 4 defeat to Tottenham by thrashing lowly Cypriot outfit APOEL Nicosia 6-0 in front of their home fans in Group H.The Los Merengues took a 4-0 lead in the first half courtesy goals from Luka Modric, Karim Benzema (2) and Nacho Fernandez before Cristiano Ronaldo added his brace to make the scoreline a whitewash.Tottenham will finish Group H at the top after they came from behind to beat their hosts Borussia Dortmund as second half goals from Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min overturned returning striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s first half opener.In Group E, Liverpool showed their defensive frailties again after they surrender a three-goal first half lead in their game against Sevilla at the Ramon Pizjuan Stadium in Seville. Goals from Roberto Firmino (2) and Senegal forward Sadio Mane had given Jurgen Klopp’s 3-0 lead into the interval but second half goals from Wissem Ben Yedder (2) and Guido Pizarro levelled proceedings for the Spanish side.In Group F, Manchester City continued their 100% record in the UCL this season following Raheem Sterling’s strike which gave Pep Guardiola’s men a 1-0 win over Feyenoord at the Etihad Stadium.Matchday 5 Results:Group E:Spartak Moscow 1-1 MariborSevilla 3-3 Liverpoolcenter_img Group G:Besiktas 1-1 FC PortoAS Monaco 1-4 RB Leipzig RelatedUCL Wrap: Holders Real Finally Beat Dortmund At Home; City, Spurs Win While Liverpool Record Another DrawSeptember 27, 2017In “UEFA”UCL Review: English Sides Dominate Last 16 Lineup With Liverpool’s QualificationDecember 7, 2017In “Europe”UCL Wrap: Madrid, Tottenham Clash Ends In Draw; City And Liverpool Secure Important WinsOctober 17, 2017In “Europe”last_img read more

GambleAware publishes breakdown report on problem gambling costs to UK Government

first_img StumbleUpon Marc Etches to step down as CEO of GambleAware in 2021 August 14, 2020 YGAM focuses on BAME community engagement with CVR link-up August 21, 2020 GambleAware: Engage those with lived experience of gambling harms August 28, 2020 Share Share Related Articles Submit Marc EtchesIndustry charitable trust GambleAware has today published an official report which ‘outlines the estimated cost that problem gambling has on the UK Government’. The report estimates that the figure is between £260 million and £1.2 billion a year. Working in-conjunction with the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), GambleAware breaks down cost impact to the UK government by sector relating to public health, welfare and employment, housing and criminal justice.Presenting the report Marc Etches, CEO of GambleAware commented on the research undertaken“Problem gambling is an issue which affects millions of people across Britain each day. We’re working hard to raise awareness of the issue and to help people see the true cost of gambling addiction. GambleAware is keen to put problem gambling on the public health agenda, as it’s no different to any other kind of addiction. It’s our job to raise awareness of the issue and to let people know that there is help available. We fund treatment centres across the UK and urge anyone who thinks they or a loved one has a problem to get in touch, or call our national gambling helpline for free, confidential advice”GambleAware specifies that despite the cost undertaken by the government, it believes that between 0.4-1.1% of the UK adult population are considered problem gamblers. The breakdown given by GambleAware is as follows;Health:hospital inpatient services (£140 million–£610 million)mental health primary care (£10–£40 million)secondary mental health services (£30 million–£110 million)Welfare & employment:JSA claimant costs and lost labour tax receipts (£40 million–£160 million)Housingstatutory homelessness applications (£10 million–£60 million)Criminal justiceincarcerations (£40 million–£190 million)Issuing its report, GambleAware further notes that certain environmental or social factors such as unemployment or mental health issues often play a significant role too. Report demographics including certain ages, genders, and incomes all show correlations between the likelihood of someone developing a gambling problem. GambleAware points to the following factorsthose who are aged 16-24 are the least likely to gamble, but, within that age bracket, those who do, are more likely to be problem gamblersmen are five times more likely to develop a problem than womenthose who are in the lowest income bracket are less likely to gamble than those in the highest but more likely to have develop a problem, andgambling prevalence is higher in those who are unemployed, homeless, black and Asian.Craig Thorley, research fellow, from IPPR, commented on the research“For many, problem gambling is a hidden addiction. IPPR’s research shows the scale of the challenge for Britain’s public services for the first time. This should be a wakeup call to government. We need a proper strategy to deal with this issue, just like we’ve had for other public health issues such as alcoholism.”“This strategy must make sure that effective services are available to help those affected, and also consider whether we have the right regulations and prevention strategies in place to stop those at risk of problem gambling from being pulled over the edge.”last_img read more

Watch & Bet…LeoVegas Sports adds BAGS live stream greyhound racing

first_img StumbleUpon Kambi takes full control of LeoVegas sportsbook portfolio August 26, 2020 Share Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 Submit Share LeoVegas hits back at Swedish regulations despite Q2 successes August 13, 2020 Related Articles New online bookmaker LeoVegas Sports, has announced that it will be adding ‘live stream’ greyhound racing provisions supplied by the Bookmaker Afternoon Greyhound Service (BAGS).LeoVegas Sports, which operates through a Kambi powered sports betting platform, will add live races from 18 BAGS syndicated greyhound tracks across the UK, opening its ‘bet & watch’ in-play service.The BAGS content will be made available to all wagering customers via desktop and mobile devices. With live coverage from 10.30am to 11.00pm seven days a week, BAGS runs over 100 live races per day.LeoVegas management stated that BAGS streaming services were needed in order to boost the firms UK betting market proposition. Shenaly Amin, UK Country Manager, commented on the development:“Adding BAGS live streams is a first step for us, as we continue to offer an improved service for our customers. By adding this innovative technology to our already extensive online and mobile platforms, we want to build the best mobile gaming experience possible for our customers, as well as giving them a personalised experience.”last_img read more