Microsoft Office 15 video tips off cloud syncing

first_imgAccording to a leaked video about Microsoft’s upcoming Office 15, the business-focused software suite will “go whereever you go”. The video says Office will store your documents safely online and sync them with your devices, giving you access, and apparently the ability to work on them, no matter where you are. You’ll just need a central sign-in process, and internet connection, and then copies of Office on all your devices, from your desktop, your phone’s mobile app to Onlive on your iPad (at least until Office for the iPad comes out).While interesting, this wouldn’t be the first time Office would be able to sync with the cloud — previous versions of Office have been able to save documents to Microsoft’s Skydrive. Those files which could then be viewed from other devices, though it hasn’t been the clean experience that this video seems to say is coming. It looks like the new version will integrate cloud tools like this much more closely and then have improved syncing and access from other devices.Office 15 is not currently out yet, but we know that it’s on the way. The suite was in its Technical Preview stage earlier this year, with just a limited number of testers. It’s slated for wider availability this summer, probably in the form of a pubic beta. There is no firm release date for Office 15, but it’s been said that it could be released some time towards the end of 2012, or possibly near the start of 2013.Within Windows via The Vergelast_img

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