New music format changes a song every time its played

first_imgFor all the advancements that have shaped the music industry over the last decade or two, there is still something inherently archaic about listening to audio files whether it’s on a turntable or a tongue-controlled MP3 player. The fact remains that once you record a song, it’s permanent.So no matter how many times you listen to that MP3, it will always sound the same. Admittedly, there probably aren’t many people who see this as a problem. That’s the way that music works, right? It would take a pretty imaginative person to question that, and that is exactly what musician Gwilym Gold, formerly of Golden Silvers, is.He approached researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London to create a new digital music format. They came up with a new technology called BRONZE, which is designed to provide a different audio experience to users every time they listen to the same song. The format is engineered so that a music file is no longer a “static form,” according to lead scientist Dr. Mick Grierson.Now of course, every time you listen to the track you’ll be able to recognize it, but some aspects of it will be subtly changed every time. Think of it as going to every live Bon Jovi concert — because he’s human (or so he says), no two performances will ever be identical.The goal of the BRONZE format is to capture that same element of uniqueness in a digital file. All of this may still sound a little bit abstract, and it is something that users need to experience in order to understand, but it could certainly bring something new to your music collectionMore at Goldsmithslast_img

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