Samsung Galaxy S4 Rugged on the way

first_imgIf you’ve been waiting for a modern phone to come out that can hold up against more severe conditions, it looks like Samsung might be selling exactly what you are looking for in the coming weeks.Most people would love to hear that their phone will survive that accidental tumble down the stairs, or to not have to cringe when the phone slides off the top of the car as you pull out of the parking lot. Unfortunately, most people also want their phones to look like phones, and not some sort of military issue brick that could also double as a defensive weapon.Manufacturers have been working hard to make the thinnest and sleekest handsets possible to compete in the market, and to add rugged durability to that design is often too expensive to justify. Samsung seems to think they have what it takes, with plans to release a ruggedized Galaxy S4 in the coming weeks.While the Galaxy S4 itself has proven that the screen can stand up to quite the torture test, all parts of the phone have to hold up under stress in order to be considered rugged. There’s been no mention yet of what specs would be on board this phone, or how exactly it would be ruggedized. It’s pretty unlikely that Samsung is planning a durable 5-inch phone with all of the trimmings. Samsung will more than likely use this opportunity to further spread the Galaxy S4 name by releasing a unique piece of hardware with similar color schemes, but mostly different hardware, just like they are doing with the Galaxy S4 Mini.A ruggedized Galaxy S4 of any description would be a great addition to that market. Most of the companies making highly durable smartphones right now are releasing clunky bricks of grey or black with outdated software and very little in the way of additional features. For Samsung to enter this market niche with a modern design, a current version of Android, and even a handful of the most recent TouchWiz features would see the handset fly off the shelves in places where this kind of phone is a commodity.If Samsung is indeed releasing a rugged Galaxy S4 in the coming weeks, it wouldn’t take long for the company to dominate that market.Now Read – System dump unlocks Galaxy S4 content, makes it available for other phoneslast_img

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