House of Waxwork Issue 2 is Here to Scare All

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. During this process, the Waxwork team has worked with a ton of fantastic musicians, visionaries and talent such as Trick r’ Treat and Krampus composer Douglass Pipes, Creeper and Sean Yseult who you may know as the bassist of the band White Zombie. And that’s just on the music side of things! Batman ‘66 writer Gabe Soria and Kevin himself lend their writing talents to the first issue, whereas Image Comics own Donny Cates and  Raimi Sharkey drip their bloody writing skills into the second issue. But one thing that has to ring true with capturing that classic horror comic feel is the art. Waxwork Comics does an amazing job at bringing the EC Comics feel to their often horrifyingly fun and visceral stories. Christian Dibari, Jonas Scharf and Marty Davis lend their immaculate talents to the first two issues of House of Waxwork and you can really see their love for the horror genre pop right off the pages. Colors by Mike Spicer, Jordan Boyd and Marty Davis make you feel as if you are trapped inside an issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland, pushing the vibrancy of the magazines many Basil Gogos art pieces. Kevin has really pulled together some amazing talent together for this series that will be sure to keep you up at night. Welcome kiddies! Open the crypt door and have a peek inside at one of the most fun and intriguing ways to read horror comics today! Last July I was able to sit down with the head of Waxwork Records, Kevin Bergeron and chat with him about just what really made Waxwork Records tick. In the interview he explained all about the companies new venture called Waxworks Comics, pitting the smaller LP records and comics together once again after decades without the medium. The comic company within the record company started when Kevin and co-owner of Waxwork Suzy went on a business trip together. Kevin randomly blurted out: “Let’s release comics!” The team has always wanted a publishing wing where they could release books or literature of any kind. The idea of pairing the small LP records with the comics was an immediate no-brainer to Kevin, fusing together two of his biggest passions. Music and comic books. Entering The House of Waxwork: An Interview with Kevin Bergeron center_img House of Waxwork Issue 2 just hit my doorstep and I immediately pulled out the old record player and set aside some time to give myself to the music and the issue. It really feels special turning all the devices off and diving into this original world of shock and terror, with a little tongue and cheek on the side. The first story Nowhere Wolf is a tale of the traveling carnie that has a few tricks up his sleeve, or does he? The second entitled; The Time Capsule pushes a town full of folks into infected zombie wasteland of terror and asks the important question, is killing a loved one okay in these dire times of survival?So much fun is to be had rocking out to the sweet sounds of terror and diving into some original tales of horror. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on House of Waxwork Issue 2 available now only at Stay on targetlast_img

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