Airbnb to Acquire LastMinute Booking Service HotelTonight

first_img Airbnb For Work Simplifies Business TravelAirbnb’s Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Rental Is a Hot Dog Lover’s Paradise Airbnb has inked a deal to acquire last-minute booking service HotelTonight for an undisclosed sum.The move comes more than a year after Airbnb launched Plus, a new tier offering stays at boutique hotels, traditional bed-and-breakfasts, hostels, and resorts.“A big part of building an end-to-end travel platform is serving every guest, whether they plan their trip a year or a day in advance,” Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO and Head of Community, said in a statement.“Working with the incredible team at HotelTonight,” he continued, “we will offer guests an unparalleled last-minute travel experience that provides unique, memorable hospitality on every trip, on any schedule, at any time.”What began 10 years ago as a home rental platform has grown into a tourism experience—including concierge services and optional tours for select bookings.Since introducing deluxe features early last year, Airbnb has more than doubled the number of rooms available in hospitality venues that aren’t someone’s half-finished basement, and tripled hotel bookings between 2017 and 2018.The acquisition should also benefit Home hosts: Nearly 90 percent of guests who first used Airbnb to reserve a hotel room and returned to the e-hospitality site for a second trip booked a home stay.“We started HotelTonight because we knew people wanted a better way to book an amazing hotel room on-demand, and we are excited to join forces with Airbnb to bring this service to guests around the world,” according to co-founder and CEO Sam Shank, who will lead Airbnb’s boutique hotel category.The HotelTonight app and website will continue to operate as usual, though listings will likely also be available through Airbnb’s Plus portal.Airbnb could certainly use some good press: A host in Melbourne, Australia, recently admitted to killing a guest who could not afford to pay his bill.Jason Colton, 42, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Ramis Jonuzi in October 2017. According to a BBC report, two housemates held 36-year-old Jonuzi down while Colton beat and strangled him for not paying the A$210 ($149) he owed.Colton, who could be jailed for 20 years, said he didn’t mean to seriously injure Jonuzi; he only wanted the bricklayer to “pass out.”More on Little Robot Blasts the Bacteria in Your Hotel Room BedFuturistic Hotel Fires Most of Its Creepy Robotic StaffWatch: Is This Robotic Hotel Room on Wheels the Future of Travel? Stay on targetlast_img

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