Wylie Pike propose variety of legislation

first_imgOLYMPIA — Here is a look at some of the bills being proposed by Southwest Washington lawmakers.Today is the deadline for bills to be considered by committees in their houses of origin.Rep. Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver• House Bill 1742: This proposal would allow businesses that sell beer growlers to also sell wine growlers.The bill would apply to breweries, restaurants, taverns or wineries. A growler is a glass or ceramic jug that is filled to the brim with beer or wine. Some restaurants sell growlers full of beer while others allow patrons to bring their own growlers for filling.“A lot of wine shops and wineries would like to allow customers to come in and refill their bottles,” Wylie said last week during a public hearing before the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee. “It’s a simple idea, recycles the bottles, and there’s a lot of folks that would like to have it.”• House Bill 1195: This bill would repeal state laws that exclude certain primary election candidates from appearing on the ballot.According to state law, if there are only two candidates vying for a local public office, such as a city council seat, then their names are included on the general election ballot but not on the primary election ballot. Wylie’s bill would repeal that rule, and put every candidate on the primary ballot, even if there is only one candidate in the race, said Marsha Reilly, a nonpartisan staff member for the Government Operations and Elections Committee.Also, when a legislator leaves office early, and it prompts an election in an odd-numbered year, those competing to replace the outgoing official are not placed on the primary ballot if there are two people or fewer running. Wylie’s bill would repeal that rule, too.The bill would give candidates more freedom when it comes to fundraising, according to those who testified on the bill last month. Campaign donors can give up to $900 to a candidate for the primary election and another $900 to the candidate for thelast_img

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