Weather Eye Rainfree days to continue but temps may drop

first_imgIt keeps going on and on and on — the wonderful autumn weather overhead. No end in sight of our sunny and rainless days. Yes, some days with more low clouds and fog on the horizon, but still dry.Some forecast models are hinting at rain as the month of November rolls in but aside from that not much change. It was in the lower 70s Monday afternoon thanks again to downslope easterly winds. One change possible a week from now is we could get east winds as cold air slides off to the east of us. Then we would have colder east winds fanning across the area. If it was a couple of months from now we may be feeling Arctic air. More winterlike.The white mantle of snow on both Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood is melting away, quickly retreating up the slopes. We will have to reload the snowpack come November when the weather pattern changes. If long-range charts are correct we could get some good rain and mountain snows the first half of November, but that of course is way out there. But we all know the weather will change so soak up the rays while you can.I have been asked by a few snowboarders if we will have some good snows in the Cascades this winter. I think so; skiing for Thanksgiving is on the agenda. We’ll see what some experts have to say about it Saturday at OMSI.At my weather station in Salmon Creek I have only had measurable rainfall on seven days this month, with the bulk of it falling Oct. 2 and 8. That means 14 dry days as of Monday and if we make it through Halloween it will go in the record books with 24 rainless days. Not bad for October.last_img

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