Genius Season Two Protagonist Revealed

first_imgStay on target National Geographic’s scripted biographical series Genius finished up its first season last night. After its uncompromising look on the life of Albert Einstein, you may be wondering where they’ll go from here. Executive Producers Ken Biller and Ron Howard got on the phone with a handful of entertainment journalists to let us in on their plans for season two. This time, they’re stepping away from a scientific genius in favor of art. The subject of Genius season two will be Pablo Picasso.Howard said Picasso was one of the first names that came up in their discussions, and after hours of discussion, Picasso still seemed like the perfect follow-up. Like Einstein, a press release accompanying the announcement said, Picasso, looked at the world in “new and unorthodox” ways, changing society’s sense of what art and creativity were. Also like Einstein, although everyone knows Picasso’s name, very few people know who he actually was.“[Picasso] was an enigmatic figure. Famous, a household name, and yet you don’t really know the story of his life or what inspired him, drove him, troubled him, and how through the turbulence he achieved such artistic greatness,” Howard said.Biller also mentioned the change in subject matter from science to art, saying that it was important to them both him and Howard that the show recognizes that “genius” doesn’t always strictly mean science. There are multiple types of genius out there. Biller said that not only is Picasso’s story a rich, dramatic and controversial one; it will expand the nature of the show, and allow it to tell different kinds of stories.Pablo Picasso via WikicommonsSeason two will follow a similar structure to the first, and Biller says they will cast both a young and old Picasso like they did with Einstein. They haven’t begun casting yet, but after the success of the first season (and with Howard still being attached), they should have no shortage of great actors vying for the role. We should expect the second season to have the exact same structure as the first, though. Even though Picasso’s 91-year life necessitates a non-linear timeline-splitting narrative, the story will be told in a noticeably different way. Biller says we shouldn’t expect that for all future seasons, as the way the story is told will depend on the subject of each season.They wouldn’t go into specifics on who the other geniuses were because it’s very likely they’ll go back to those ideas for future seasons. When asked about whether or not they considered any women, Biller said that they absolutely did. He also pointed out that the women around Einstein were a huge focus of the first season. Not only did it explore Einstein’s life, it told the story of Mileva Marić as well. Biller says the second season will be similar. Picasso will be the main subject, but the women in his life, particularly the great artists he surrounded himself with, will be a major focus of the season.While the second season hasn’t begun production yet, Howard was excited about the filmmaking opportunities Picasso’s story will provide. “His view of the world and also his creative recklessness and the bold choices he made are going to lead to some very interesting visual cinematic opportunities,” he said. The visual representations of Einstein’s ideas were a fun part of season one. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how they present Picasso’s vision when Genius season two premieres next year.For more, read PCMag’s Fast Forward: Ron Howard on Einstein’s Genius, the Future of Filmmaking. Lyrics Site Genius Accuses Google of Lifting ContentGenius Tells a Fascinating Story but Subtlety Isn’t its Strong Suit last_img

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