Xbox One could be a major target for hackers

first_imgIf there’s one thing hackers like, it’s a challenge combined with the kudos earned from managing to be the first to open up a closed platform. The stricter the service, the more joy there is in cracking it open. With that in mind, which gaming platform has drawn the most heat for its mandatory, hardware-level DRM over the past few days? The Xbox One.Microsoft’s new console will need to phone home at least once every 24-hour period. Game installs are mandatory, and used game sales can be blocked, or at the very least must be handled through a retailer participating in Microsoft’s used games program. Even lending games to a friend will be managed and limited.So, come launch day, I will not be surprised if the attention of hackers is laser-focused on Microsoft’s new Xbox. If someone can figure out how to get it running offline, how to bypass the used game system — or Microsoft’s worst nightmare, copy those installed games off the hard drive of one Xbox One and getting them running on another — they will be heavily praised by some parts of the internet, even within the gaming community. It would also be rather embarrassing for Microsoft (maybe even past the point of Sony’s epic PSN hacks of 2011).Microsoft has surely thought about this and is preparing for such an assault, but no system is invulnerable to attack. SimCity was the last example of a new product that got many gamers seriously angry, which was followed by a concerted effort by people with the correct skills to take the game offline. Their attempts worked to the extent that videos were posted proving the game could run offline, but I haven’t heard much since about an offline version being distributed.One thing is for sure, in November the Xbox One will be a honeypot for hackers looking for a way in. Some will see the potential to unlock the machine, take it offline, and make a statement Microsoft’s policies as being too tempting to resist.last_img

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