SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode play any game on a massive virtual display

first_imgIn order for virtual reality to realize its full potential, it needs games and experiences to be designed and developed specifically for it. That means there’s thousands of games already available and releasing in the near future that won’t be virtual reality-friendly. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from VR.Valve has made this clear by confirming a feature called SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode exists. What this mode allows is for any game on Steam to be played using a virtual reality headset. You may think there’s no benefit to such a feature if the game doesn’t support VR, but you’d be wrong. What Desktop Theater Mode does is create a virtual location for you to play your non-VR games within, and that includes a huge display.So you may be sitting at your desk staring at a 24-inch monitor with your hands on a keyboard and mouse (or game pad) ready to play a Steam game. If you then put on a VR headset with Desktop Theater Mode enabled, you could instantly be transported to a virtual room of your choosing and be staring at the same game on a massive display (think movie theater size).SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode is still in an early beta stage of development, but will be compatible with any Steam-friendly virtual reality headsets. That means the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Razer OSVR, and more will surely follow. We should get our first glimpse of the mode in action during the Game Developer Conference, which starts today in San Francisco.This mode has a lot of potential to promote the use of a VR headset. It’s not just the ability to play games on a massive virtual screen, but the room design itself. Changing the theme on your Xbox One or PS4 is popular, but this mode should allow you to tweak the look of an entire room. You can setup your own gaming den that only exists in virtual space. Very cool.last_img

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