Unboxing and review of 8Bitdos wireless NES and SNES controllers

first_imgIn the last few months, I posted two stories about wireless NES and SNES controllers from 8Bitdo and Analogue. These controllers are exact replicas of the originals and are perfect for those who still play on the two aforementioned classic consoles. I was recently sent two NES30 and SNES30 Game Controllers so that I could try them out for myself. After spending a couple of nights with them, I have to say that anyone who is serious about retro gaming needs to have these controllers in their possession.Lacking an NES or SNES of my own, I borrowed a Retron 5 from a friend so that I could test out the controllers. The Retron 5 has multiple inputs for various consoles, including the NES and SNES, so it was perfect for what I needed. Plugging the Bluetooth Retro Receiver into the appropriate controller slot is as easy as inserting one of the old controllers. In fact, the Bluetooth adapter is shaped like the controller jacks that went into the systems.The first game I tested out was Super Mario Bros. 3. Though it had been ages since I’ve played the game, I still remember it fairly well. I should note that for the first hour or so of my gaming session, I had the NES30 controller plugged into my PC via USB because it needed to be charged. After that, I unplugged it and played completely wirelessly.If there was any latency between controller input and on-screen actions, I didn’t notice it. The Retron 5 actually suggests turning on the television’s game mode, but I didn’t do it because this mode actually degrades the picture quality. Even without game mode turned on, playing SMB3 felt just right. The only thing that I wasn’t expecting — though I should have taken into consideration — is how small the NES controller would be. I was still a kid when I last played on a Nintendo system, and my current giant man-hands weren’t as suited to the controller as those of my younger self. Still, I had a great, issue-free time playing the game with the wireless controller.Though the two controllers look different from one another, they are effectively the same. Both the NES and SNES controllers have four face buttons and two shoulder buttons. While this is the same number of buttons the SNES has, the 8bitdo NES controller features four extra buttons. This is because both controllers are made to be compatible with other systems. I’ll cover that in just a bit.Playing with the SNES controller wasn’t as cumbersome as playing with the NES one. Even when I was a kid, playing on the NES would be somewhat painful because of its rectangular design. The SNES controller’s rounded edges made for a better gaming experience back then and did so now. Like I said in my post about the SNES wireless controller, this controller is basically perfect even after 25 years. Just like with the NES controller, I didn’t notice any latency while playing.Since the controllers are Bluetooth enabled, they are compatible with most devices that support Bluetooth input. They are also compatible with any machine that has USB ports. After playing on the Retron 5, I tested the controllers on my PC. It was a bit surreal playing Sonic the Hedgehog with a Super Nintendo controller, but also more natural than playing the game with an Xbox One controller. I even played the recently released Aladdin with the 8bitdo controllers. It all worked out nicely.If you have emulated games on your PC you can also use these controllers with them, though some may require you fiddle around with the button configuration. If you’re a PC gamer then this shouldn’t be much of a problem. You can also play mobile games that are on your phone with the 8bitdo controllers. Touch-based gaming can be a tricky proposition, so being able to use one of these controllers with a mobile device may allow for a more pleasant experience. As a fan of retro gaming, I absolutely loved these controllers. I’m sure that those who actively play retro games on the original consoles will love them even more than I did. Having wireless versions of these classic controllers is great enough already, but allowing compatibility with so many systems and devices makes them even better. Again, if you are a retro gaming enthusiast, you need to do yourself a favor and buy these controllers. They’re fantastic.Both the NES30 and SNES Game Controllers can be purchased through 8Bitdo’s website.8bitdo provided Geek.com with the controllers used in this review. <>last_img

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