BENS BLOG Do the Tories think this is all a foregone conclusion

first_img[dropcap]O[/dropcap]kay, Blog, so what are your initial election thoughts?Theresa May has bottled out of any kind of live TV debate, and again let Philip Hammond u-turn on some important tax-issues.Tim Farron has stunned us all by coming out as a Religious Nutter and spoken in a very un-Liberal way regarding Gay issues.And Paul Nuttall has bizarrely led with a No-Burkha policy. (Fine, but surely that’s a B list line, isn’t it?).So, apart from nobody really knowing what his stance on Brexit is, the Corbynator hasn’t actually let himself down yet, has he?Now, in no way am I saying that I think Labour can win the election. But maybe (BLATANT SELF-PROMOTION COMING UP), at 103 -109, Tory seat-supremacy, could look a bit of a sell, with Star Spreads? CLICK HERE FOR LIVE MARKETSAre the Conservatives sitting on their laurels? Is this all a bit easy? DIDNT REMAIN AND HILARY CLINTON THINK THAT TOO..??In other news:The Hot Beigal Shop, 155 Brick Lane, E1. Fresh and tasty bagels available 24/7. A friendly atmosphere and service in a buzzy area. Nutella Bagel £1.10. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese £1.90. Err, who says everything has to be expensive in London? 8In other news 2…!As a further attention-seeking move, I have decided it might be fun to do some London Video-Blogs. Well, here’s my first. What do you think?Over and out, B x ​last_img

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