ChefN Palm Peeler Offers Assistance for People with Limited Hand Motion

first_imgLet’s face it; in the kitchen most people want to prepare their food efficiently so they can enjoy it sooner. But, for people with limited hand motion, many kitchen devices pose a challenge for people because they aren’t designed with assistive technology in mind. The PalmPeeler and PalmBrush from Chef’N are exceptions to this rule. Both gadgets allow for use with less grasp than other kitchen devices. While these won’t work for everyone, it offers an alternative to using a knife and cutting board.The PalmPeeler fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. You can slip your finger through the loop at the top of the device and the blade is underneath. The top of the device is made of plastic so it’s comfortable, too. It’ll peel just about anything you can get your hands on -cucumbers, apples, carrots and much more. The device even has a convenient potato eyer at the top. Another version of the PalmPeeler, the Serrated PalmPeeler, is available. It works well with foods that have thinner skins like peaches and pears. Both are available in shades of orange, red and green.The PalmBrush works basically the same way with a loop on the top side and a brush underneath for easy cleaning. The device works well for cleaning vegetables like potatoes. The bristles are made from sturdy nylon that remove dirt but soft enough not to tear up the skins of vegetables. To make this product even more convenient, it’s dishwasher safe! It’s also available in shades of orange, red and green.Both products are less than $10 each and available for purchase in retail stores and on websites like Amazon.Chef’N was founded in 1982 and prides itself on creative, innovative products for cooking and cleaning. The company’s mission is to make better tools so people can make better food. Based out of Seattle, Chef’N has more than 250 product patents worldwide. The design team at Chef’N hopes to reinvent products to make them more effective than ever before.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint Related7 Assistive Kitchen Cutting DevicesMarch 7, 2018In “Independent Living”4 Products for Eating IndependentlyMarch 20, 2019Similar postAssistive Technology for People with AutismMarch 7, 2013In “Services”last_img

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