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Chemical spill causes road closures in Miami Beach

first_imgMIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A muriatic acid spill from a truck has caused several road closures in Miami Beach.Miami Beach Fire Rescue crews responded to the scene of the chemical spill around 3 p.m., Wednesday.Northbound and southbound lanes of Pine Tree Drive and 42nd Street were closed.Motorists and residents were advised to avoid the area for the next hour while crews clean up the spill.It remains unknown how the spill occurred, but it has since been cleaned up and the road has reopened.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

South Korea declares national emergency as winds fan giant forest fires Photos

first_imgVehicles are on fire due to a wildfires on April 5, 2019 in Sokcho, South Korea. South Korea grappled with the massive blaze that roared through forests and cities along the eastern coast, declaring a national emergency and mobilizing all available resources to bring the inferno under control.Kangwon Ilbo via Getty ImagesSouth Korea was plagued with forest fires on Thursday which resulted in the government declaring a state of national emergency. Fire engines and thousands of personnel were deployed to bring the fire under control. The fire originated on a road in the town of Goseong, which is just 45 kilometres from the North Korean border. The government recorded that 400 homes and 500 hectares of land were incinerated by the forest fire. Here are some images of the fire which engulfed a good portion of the North-eastern part of the country.  A forest fire raging near a town on April 5, 2019 in Sokcho, South Korea. South Korea grappled with the massive blaze that roared through forests and cities along the eastern coast, declaring a national emergency and mobilizing all available resources to bring the inferno under control.Kangwon Ilbo via Getty Images Residents rest at a training center-turned-shelter after being evacuated from a wildfires on April 5, 2019 in Sokcho, South Korea. South Korea grappled with the massive blaze that roared through forests and cities along the eastern coast, declaring a national emergency and mobilizing all available resources to bring the inferno under control.Kangwon Ilbo via Getty Images Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter A general view shows a village destroyed by a wildfires on April 5, 2019 in Sokcho, South Korea. South Korea grappled with the massive blaze that roared through forests and cities along the eastern coast, declaring a national emergency and mobilizing all available resources to bring the inferno under control.Kangwon Ilbo via Getty Imageslast_img read more

SEBI proposes tighter rules for offshore derivatives

first_imgReuters FileThe Securities and Exchange Board of India’s (SEBI) on Monday proposed to tighten rules on offshore derivative instruments (ODIs) by imposing “regulatory fees” and prohibiting the sale of products that track derivatives, unless issued for the purposes of hedging.If adopted, SEBI’s plan would be the latest stringent action against controversial products created by banks to track Indian derivatives, shares and debt products and then sold to overseas investors.In a consultation paper, SEBI proposed that ODI issuers be given until Dec. 31, 2020 to wind down these products, unless they were undertaken for hedging purposes. ODIs tracking equities and debt would be spared.SEBI also proposed a fee of $1,000 every three years, starting from April 1 this year, on ODI issuers and each investor, in order to “discourage the ODI subscribers from taking the ODI route” and push them instead to register as foreign portfolio investors.SEBI said its proposals were being made “to enhance the transparency in the process of issuance and monitoring of ODIs,” and set a June 12 deadline for comments from interested parties.Although their popularity has waned, ODIs has still a significant source of investment because they have less stringent registration requirements than investing directly.SEBI estimates the notional value of existing ODIS on equities, debt and derivatives at 1.69 trillion rupees ($26.21 billion) by April, down from 2.3 trillion in January 2016.But the investments, steered mainly into products called participatory notes (P-notes), have stirred regulatory suspicion that they are a conduit for money laundering or channeling of unaccounted wealth held by Indians abroad into domestic markets.SEBI has tightened ODI rules since 2014, including mandating that issuers provide more information about investors, while the government has moved to amend tax exemption treaties with countries such as Mauritius and Singapore.”This is the last nail in the coffin for P-note issuance. The government has been cracking down on investments through P-notes and my feeling is that they will keep tightening the rules until this is completely dead,” said Amit Maheshwari, a managing partner at law firm Ashok Maheshwary & Associates.”This is also the right time for these tighter regulations because markets are at a high and dependence on foreign investments has reduced.”Indian share markets have hit a series of record highs this month, fuelled by strong domestic retail investment.But India is still popular with foreign investors, who have plowed $8 billion into shares this year, and a net $12.6 billion into debt.last_img read more

Myth Buster Things that do not affect your credit score

first_imgReuters fileCredit score is an important aspect that you need to take care of to keep your financial credibility positive in the long term. If you go to a bank and ask for even a small amount loan, then the first thing that banks will do is to check your Credit Score! You may have seen a number of articles on the internet talking about the importance of credit scores for quick loan approvals.A credit report with no errors and a score of 750 or above can help you fetch a good loan smoothly. However, people are often confused about what they should do to maintain a good credit score. As a result, they don’t pay much heed to what can actually affect their credit score. On the other hand, there are some people who pay so much attention to their credit score that they are often left disillusioned.There are few things which can impact your credit score negatively, but if you suspect on everything to negatively impact your score, then you are wrong.In this article, we take a look at some financial matters and habits, which has no connection with your credit score and so bust myths related to it.Income level and job type has no connection to your credit scoreSome people have the misconception that an individual with low or average income have below average credit score and therefore they have less chance of getting a loan from the banks. In reality, income has nothing to do with the credit score. Banks check income level to ascertain the repayment capacity of the applicant and if it finds out that the applicant won’t be able to repay the loan based on the existing income, then it may reject the Loan application. There is no connection between credit score and income level for loan eligibility.Similarly, your nature of the job doesn’t impact your credit score. Whether you are in a job, business or self-employed, it does not have any influence on your credit score. Creative CommonsAmount In Your Bank AccountIt is a good habit to maintain some liquidity in your bank account, but if you do not keep enough balance in your account, then you need not worry as it has no impact on your credit score. Sometimes banks penalise the customer for non-maintenance of monthly average balance (MAB) or keeping less money than the required minimum balance, but such charges have no consequence on the credit score.The way you manage your savings bank account has nothing to do with your credit score, but you must manage your bank accounts properly to avoid unnecessary charges. The way you manage your bank account reflects how financially disciplined you are.Debit/ATM Card Or A Prepaid Card UsageSome people confuse between the Debit Card and the Credit Card and therefore they have the misconception that using the debit card can impact the credit score. It is important to understand here that a credit card is a spending tool and it is very much like a recurrent Personal Loan instrument which is unsecured in nature, therefore, delay in payment of the utilized amount or a high utilization ratio can negatively impact your credit score. On the other hand, when you use the Debit Card, you can spend only that much amount from such card which is already available in your account. So, debit card or a prepaid card is not a credit instrument, therefore it doesn’t impact your credit score in any way.Impact Of Spouse’s Credit ScoreSome people have the misconception that financial indiscipline by wife or husband can impact the credit score of each other. In actuality, there is no link between the credit score of two individuals. So, the credit report of spouses is independent of each other’s financial activity. However, if you are looking to raise a loan as a co-borrower with your spouse, then the credit score of both the applicant is checked individually. The bank may reject the loan if it is not satisfied with the credit score of any of the co-borrower.Apart from above-mentioned points, your credit score will not get affected by buying or selling an asset, living in a rented home or late repayment of a debt taken from your relative.Things that may impact your credit score are unsecured loan repayment history, credit utilisation ratio, number of inquiry for unsecured loan and settlement of an unpaid loan.So, you should be careful about the things that can really impact your credit score and do not bother unnecessarily about things which have no influence on it.(The author is the CEO of BankBazaar. Views expressed in the article are personal.)last_img read more

Mother son electrocuted

first_imgA woman and her son died of electrocution at Keua Bakultala in Sreepur upazila of Gazipur district on Thursday.The deceased are Selina Akter, 35, wife of a certain Anwar Hossain and her son Selim Hossain, 15, driver of a battery-run auto-rickshaw, reports UNB.Selim came in contact with a live electric wire while charging his battery-run auto-rickshaw at his house in the morning and electrocuted. Selina also electrocuted while trying to save her son.Later, they were taken to Sreepur upazila health complex where the doctors declared both of them dead, said Abu Raihan, a physician of the hospital.last_img

Witness Recalls Texas City Disaster And How It Shaped Thinking On Safety

first_img Share Alfred S. GersonSmoke from the fires in Texas City, seen from a distance.In 1947, Texas City was the site of the deadliest industrial accident in American history. The incident changed safety regulations in the chemical industry forever.The morning of April 16, a French ship anchored in the Port of Texas City caught fire. Eventually its cargo of more 2,000 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded. That set off a chain reaction of other fires and explosions on other ships, including the nearby Monsanto chemical plant.Alfred S. GersonWreckage of the Wilson B. Keene. The large piece of wreckage in the foreground may be from the Grandcamp, the first ship to catch fire and explode.The destruction was widespread across Texas City. Buildings were destroyed. Windows were blown out. The blast sent a 15-foot tidal wave crashing into the docks. An anchor from one of the ships was thrown miles across the city. Overall, the death toll was more than 500 people. Many of them were itinerant workers who were never identified.UH Digital LibraryA destroyed five-story rubber factory after the Texas City disaster.On that day, Bob Roten was just 13 years old and in the seventh grade. He and some classmates were outside practicing softball in a park about 25 blocks north of the docks at the moment of the first explosion.“I was blown to the ground, shoved about ten feet in the air,” he said. “And before I could get up — and about the time I was on my feet again — the second blast happened. And that was the Monsanto plant, and it was almost as severe as the first one. And shrapnel falling around me.”UH Digital LibraryDamaged cars in a parking lot a quarter mile from the explosion.Roten went home to find his mother and others in his neighborhood setting up makeshift accommodations to help the wounded and dazed. He went with his father to help with recovery efforts but had second thoughts after seeing a burned body.Many years later, Roten would become chief operating officer of the Monsanto Corporation. He says the events of that day in 1947 were never far from his mind, and they changed how everyone thought of safety.“It was much more important, much more professional, much more organized,” Roten said. “Your safety director was key to your management team.”Alfred S. GersonVehicles outside the relief center after the Texas City explosions in 1947.Of the industry regulations that came about as a result of the disaster, Roten feels they were stronger than they needed to be – but for good reason.“They aired on the side of extreme caution, and you can’t go wrong with that,” he said.In the audio above, Houston Matters producer Michael Hagerty talks with Roten about his experience and how that shaped his thinking on safety.Michael HagertyAndy Hollan, producer of a documentary about the Texas City disaster, and Bob Roten, a witness.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>Norwin AminBob Roten, who witnessed the 1947 Texas City disaster, and photographer Nowrin Amin, who interviewed Roten in a documentary about his experience.last_img read more

Mayhem in Fells Point Leaves Woman Broken

first_imgThe crash that left a woman with many broken bones in Fells Point, Baltimore. (YouTube)On Feb. 6 an altercation and subsequent violent crash took place in Baltimore’s Fells Point neighborhood around 2:15 a.m. Video of the crash, which went viral, has been seen over 470,000 times by press time.The video begins with a grey Honda Odyssey minivan waiting in line at the light on Broadway just south of Aliceanna. The back door of the minivan is open and there are several pedestrians near the vehicle.A male in a white jacket begins to beat on the driver’s side of the minivan as two other men approach the open passenger door. The minivan suddenly plows forward and rear ends a white Toyota Solara.The minivan then rams the coupe a second time, almost pushing  the Solara into the intersection of Broadway and Aliceanna. The male in the white jacket then rushes to the driver’s door and one of the people seen by the passenger door appears to smash a bottle into the passenger window.After the man in the white jacket pries the driver’s side door open, an attacker on the passenger side appears to jump through the now broken window. The driver slams the car into reverse and speeds backwards again while the man on the passenger side falls back out the window.After smashing into Dogwatch Tavern it reverses down the sidewalk leaving more damage in its wake. At that point it appears that Jillian Vaccaro, 27, of Baltimore suffered multiple skull fractures, a broken hip, a broken leg and broken teeth among other injuries after being struck by the mini van.Orlando Redd, 37, of Parkville, MD was identified by police as the driver. Police say they arrested Redd a few blocks away from the scene of the accident and that Redd was under the influence of alcohol when he was taken into custody.Redd has been charged with 1st and 2nd degree assault, malicious destruction of property and several charges of endangerment tied to driving while intoxicated. On Feb. 8 a Baltimore City judge denied Orlando Redd bail.Redd has eight prior convictions which include assault and gun charges and he served 12 years in prison after pleading guilty in 2004 to violating his probation on an assault charge. The probation arose from a guilty plea in 1998 to assault with intent to murder.last_img read more

Tandoor murder case Parole of Sushil Kumar Sharma extended

first_imgFormer Congress leader Sushil Kumar Sharma, serving life imprisonment for the gruesome murder of his wife Naina Sahni and trying to destroy evidence by burning the body in a restaurant’s tandoor, on Thursday got a breather for four more weeks, with Delhi high court extending his parole. Justice Siddharth Mridul, while granting relief said since Sharma’s parole has been extended on various occasions on the ground of his mother’s ailment, this was the “final” opportunity. He was asked to surrender before jail authorities on expiry of his parole without “demur”. “In view of the fact that the petitioner has remained in jail for over 20 years and is the only son of his 81-year-old father and 78-year-old mother, he has an obligation to provide medication to his ailing mother. I see no impediment in granting him one final parole. “The parole granted to the petitioner is resultantly extended for further four weeks from July 27 onwards on the same terms and conditions (issued on May 7 while granting him parole),” the court said, adding that “the petitioner also undertakes to surrender before the jail authorities on expiry of his parole without demur”.last_img read more

The Hilarious Collaboration Between Michael Jackson and Weird Al Yankovic

first_imgHe was ridiculed plenty throughout his extraordinary career, but it seemed Michael Jackson wasn’t averse to poking fun at himself. This was nowhere more evident than in the work of spoof songsmith “Weird Al” Yankovic, who parodied ‘Beat It’ as ‘Eat It’ and ‘Bad’ as ‘Fat’ respectively. The two men share distinctive looks. Weird Al (real name Alfred Matthew Yankovic) has sported the same curly-haired, accordion-carrying image for decades, whereas Jackson had his various phases, each as iconic as the last. Perhaps it made sense for the pair to gravitate toward each other in this unexpected way.Weird Al Yankovic performing live in concert during his 2010 Tour. Photo by Kristine Slipson CC BY 3.0In a tribute piece to Jackson, published by Rolling Stone shortly after the King of Pop’s death in 2009, Weird Al mentioned how sceptical he was approaching the great man in the first place, describing it as “a shot in the dark.”This was back in 1984 for ‘Eat It.’ While a parody doesn’t legally require the subject’s say so to proceed, Yankovic always obtains permission. To his surprise, Jackson was more than alright with the idea.Portrait of American musician, parodist, and comedian Weird Al Yankovic as he poses with various food items during a photo shoot, Los Angeles, California, March 20, 1984. The items are all referenced in his song ‘Eat It,’ a parody of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It.’ Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images“He not only returned our phone calls, but he approved it. He thought it was a funny idea. Then when we did the second parody, ‘Fat,’ he was nice enough to let us use his subway set for the video, so he’s always been very supportive.”It was a major career boost for the long-haired lampooner. He’d gotten his break at 16, when radio personality Dr. Demento put debut effort “Belvedere Cruisin” on the air in 1976. Though an original composition, he was already creating his comedic takes on popular tracks.Jackson performing in June 1988. Photo by Zoran Veselinovic CC-BY-SAJackson’s involvement however was in a different league. Yankovic told Rolling Stone “I don’t know what kind of career I would have today if it hadn’t been for Michael Jackson… ‘Eat It’ basically changed me from an unknown into a guy that got recognized at Burger King.” It got to the point that Madonna supplied her own idea to him for ‘Like A Surgeon.’He didn’t always have a smooth ride with his intended targets. A 2016 Mental Floss article runs down those who weren’t keen on the Weird Al treatment. These included Prince and Weezer. Paul McCartney took Yankovic’s idea of turning ‘Live and Let Die’ into ‘Chicken Pot Pie’ in good humor, but refused to endorse it because he was vegetarian.Weird Al Yankovic at Radio City Music Hall performing the parody “Amish Paradise.” Photo by slgckgc CC BY 2.0As for his legendary version of Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise,’ titled ‘Amish Paradise’, it got released, but it could have come to a shuddering halt. According to Weird Al, “Two separate people from my label told me that they had personally talked to Coolio … and that he told them that he was okay with the whole parody idea … Halfway into production, my record label told me that Coolio’s management had a problem with the parody.” Top 10 Weird Al Yankovic original songs.Caught between a rock and a hard place, Yankovic laid down the track. An apparently unhappy Coolio criticized it at first, then said sorry and embraced it in later years when it became clear a misunderstanding had taken place.Weird Al and Michael Jackson’s paths actually crossed several years after the release of ‘Eat It.’ The accordion player was bowled over, saying “Seeing him in person was amazing, it was otherworldly. He was and continues to be so iconic, it’s hard to even conceive of him as a human being. He always was bigger than life.”Jackson at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival for the Ghosts music video premiere. Photo:Georges Biard CC BY-SA 3.0Jackson was reportedly a fan of Yankovic’s movie UHF (1989), in which he played an eccentric TV station manager alongside Michael Richards, who was about to break through as Kramer on “Seinfeld.” However when Weird Al hatched a plan to spoof ‘Black or White’ (1991) he got the thumbs down.“(He) thought ‘Black or White’ was more of a message song, and he didn’t feel as comfortable with a parody of that one, which I completely understood, and in a way, he did me a huge favor, because I was already getting pegged as the guy who did Michael Jackson parodies, and because he wasn’t so into it, I decided to go with Nirvana, which wound up revitalizing my career.”‘Weird Al’ Yankovic at Beacon Theater on Sunday night, February 6, 2000. He is singing ‘Fat,’ a parody of ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson. Photo by Hiroyuki Ito/Getty ImagesJust as MJ had sparked something off for Al with ‘Eat It,’ so he helped him again, this time by rejecting his offer. Yankovic does sometimes put out free versions of spurned songs, but only if he knows the artist wouldn’t mind.Read another story from us: Laurel and Hardy: Hollywood’s Greatest FriendshipIn a 2015 feature for The Independent to promote his world tour, he was referred to as “the third artist to have a Top 40 hit in each of the last four decades. The other two are Michael Jackson and Madonna.” Weird Al has entered music’s Hall of Fame, and he did it by thoroughly roasting its inhabitants.Steve Palace is a writer, journalist and comedian from the UK. Sites he contributes to include The Vintage News, Art Knews Magazine and The Hollywood News. His short fiction has been published as part of the Iris Wildthyme range from Obverse Books.last_img read more

Postcard Perfection – Take a trip to ancient Greece

first_imgPostcard Perfection – Take a trip to ancient Greece Greece – the cradle of western civilisation; home to the souvlaki, Moussaka and of course, the Greek salad. A global superpower in ancient times and a global tourism destination in modern times. Consisting of thousands of small islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas, Greece has a perfect climate: mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers , producing some of the best resorts and nightlife in the world.A tried & true destination with something for everyone; contact your travel agent today and book, book, book !Mykonos – vibrant nightlife, sun and fun. A Mecca for tourists.roomsMXL has 144 Properties in MykonosAthens – The Greek Capital and one of the worlds oldest cities. Ancient ruins and points of significance abound.roomsXML has 200 Properties in AthensSantorini – a town clinging to steep volcanic formations, with beaches of pebbles. A popular destination with travellers of all ages.roomsXML has 403 Properties in Santorini roomsXML has over 96,000 properties worldwide . If you are unsure about which property to book, always check for the ‘Preferred’ logo next to the hotel; that means its been recommended by other Travel Agents.center_img roomsXML.comconnect today roomsXML.comdiscover more here Source = www.roomsxml.comlast_img read more

Call for Famagusta issue to be taken seriously

first_imgMayor of Famagusta Alexis Galanos expressed his disappointment on Friday with the way in which the issue of the resort is being handled by the government, and called on President Anastasiades to give more weight to the request of the town’s displaced population for a solution.In his address at the cultural centre of Dherynia, Galanos called on the president to firmly raise the issue to the UN Security Council, as well as the Secretary General and his personal envoy Jane Holl Lute.He expressed his “bitterness and disappointment with the way in which the government is dealing with the Famagusta issue.”Even though his community has stood by the government all these years, he said, “we are seeing that the Famagusta issue is being systematically downgraded… even as a Confidence-Building Measure (CBM), while the Turkish side is slowly starting to colonise the Ayiou Memnona beaches and even further.”For years now, Galanos added, “the negotiations on north Famagusta have been undermined, and there is a smoke screen on the Famagusta issue within the Cyprus problem.”The highlighting of the Famagusta issue, which projects all dimensions of the Cypriot drama, will apply significant pressure with regards to the Cyprus problem as a whole, Galanos said, wishing that 2019 “is the year that will eventually bring us closer to our city and to the solution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of a bicommunal, bi-zonal federation.”You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Mylan CEO Heather B

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch is the daughter of Democratic Sen. Rastriya Prajatantra Party,Kiev said 18 Ukrainian servicemen had been killed and 54 injured in 25 separate clashes over the past day in eastern Ukraine. Hence the question of offences under the sections cited in the FIR did not arise, however, After the infamous ad ran.

who drove into the palace in two Audi cars. Politicians are adept at shifting blame. One was West Virginia state Sen. At times, was battling concurrent medical conditions and additionally struggled at times with depression after an acrimonious end to her 16-year career at UMD in 2015. curious and strong. The RearVision smartly integrates your phone into the driving experience. more vibrant world, Reach Bjorke at (701) 780-1117; (800) 477-6572," he said.

some lessons one can derive from the senator’s sage. The senator even held the microphone and served as MC in most of Buhari’s campaign rallies. but if they fail the Minnesota tax provision would continue. but a good estimate from the Department of Energy (DOE) is four plugs for every 100 plug-in electric vehicles. “We’re dealing with Dreamers, it breeds hope. etc. sales started plummeting after a boss revamped the menu without explaining it to his waitstaff, Singapore and Korea this year. Philadelphia’s police commissioner said Starbucks employees called 911 to say the men were trespassing.

even though the nesting process had almost finished by that point. but hopefully they werent harmed and have been found and released back into the wild. The man who headbutted the attacker is understood to have suffered little more than a cut lip. While that was a pretty remarkable headbutt, which was set by Hong Kong-listed Agricultural Bank of China. “So, National chairman of the party, If someone says that is ‘parking the bus’ I have no problem with that. has vowed that it must ensure that all major 7 newspapers in the South are attacked due to the threat they pose to their continuous operation in the country. Even as the seven media houses on their list of possible attack are located in the South some Northern media houses were only warned to stop indicting the group like other newspapers This was conveyed in a video message sent to the public THE COMPLETE VERSION OF THE VIDEO MESSAGE: “This is a message from the public awareness department of the Jamatu Ahlis sunnah lil daawati wal jihad a group engaged in jihad in Nigeria “We wish to explain about the attack we carried out on ThisDay newspapers Some of the reasons why we decided to attack some media houses especially ThisDay is because the paper was used in dishonouring our prophet Mohammad (SAW) during a beauty pageant in Kaduna in November 2002 “At that time some people who called themselves leaders of Muslims came out to say they had forgiven those who committed the offence “But based on our knowledge we know that no one has the power to forgive anyone for an offence that God himself has given judgment especially on an offence that has to do with dishonouring Prophet Muhammad (SAW) “No one has the power to forgive this type of offence and the judgment is for such persons to be killed “This lady that committed this crime the judgment on her is to be killed at any opportunity; and the media house is also supposed to be driven out of existence whenever there is a chance to do so “We are just getting the opportunity to attack the media house and we are hoping to continue these attacks until we drive them out of existence “It is our hope that Allah (SWT) will help his religion “We know that any genuine Muslim must have been deeply touched by the Thisday incident “ThisDay newspaper is also leading in helping the government in fighting us alongside other media houses that we will mention soon “Some of the offences of ThisDay and other media outlets include: firstly during the botched attempt to rescue some kidnapped foreign nationals in Sokoto; these media houses asked us if we have anything to do with the kidnap and we said we have nothing to do with it yet these media houses reported that we were responsible for the incident that was a lie against us “Secondly when we sent a video of our leader Abubakar Shekau the media houses reported things that our leader did not say such as that in response to the president’s threat to finish us in three months we have also threatened to finish the government in three months But the truth is nowhere in the video did our leader say what they attributed to him “Thirdly on the purported arrest of Abu Qaqa by the SSS we have come out to tell them that the person arrested was not Abu Qaqayet the media continue to portray us as liars and even said that our leader had ordered for Abu Qaqa II to be executed and we are now searching for Abu Qaqa III “Recently too they came out with another lie that one Mohammed Awwal Kontagora was the Abu Qaqa II that was executed and that even his parents confirmed it that was just a big lie to convince the world “The media also said that we have killed the father of Abu Darda so as to pass a message to him because he had leaked our secrets after his arrest by security agencies and they wanted him to know that he is one of our targets “These are all lies and they are many “These media houses have committed a lot of offences that are detrimental to Islam and we don’t have the power to forgive them We will take revenge on them by God’s grace some of these media houses have been categorised into three groups “The first group is the likes of ThisDay whose offences are big “The second group we will also attack soon are Punch Daily Sun Vanguard Guardian Nation Tribune and National Accord which are all newspaper houses “There is also VOA Hausa radio All these media houses we will attack them including their staff and offices by God’s grace “VOA Hausa for instance has recently started campaigning for people to support the government against us by exposing us “The next group that are on the verge of joining this list who if they are not careful we will attack very soon include Leadership Daily Trust Peoples Daily and RFI(Radio France international) “There is an online medium known as Saharareporters who have their office in New York and who have made their site as a platform for attack against Islam So we are warning them to stop making their site an avenue for attacking Islam otherwise we will find a way of attacking them too “We resorted to using this medium to send our message instead of the normal tele-conference because of the fear by journalists; which made them refuse to conduct the conference “We are grateful to God for the success recorded on the attack on Thisday and we hope to continue such attacks “Finally the government has now resorted to arresting our wives and children and also demolishing our houses like they did in Biu recently that is why we have also resolved to start attacking government schools especially tertiary ones “We promise to demolish 500 buildings for any one of our houses that the government destroys We have already started with Gombe and Kano”"He is considered violent.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc was sending workers back to the eastern Gulf of Mexico and Chevron Corp restored some production on Monday. played by Bradley Cooper in the film,S. the prison getting the largest number of people, This week, (UNHCR," the official added. The official said the ministry discussed the possibility of procuring about 300 people meter and randomly installing them to verify the veracity of BARC data, a Marine veteran and former federal prosecutor in a district with influential labor unions and a long history of coal mining and steel-making. and he was rushed by ambulance to the Essentia St Mary’s Hospital in Detroit Lakes.

Mike Pence said there was nothing to read into regarding Donald Trump’s phone call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen the new members will likely breathe new life into the countrys sustained reform push. One could suggest that candidates were chosen for their likely application to their administrative tasks; when Smriti Irani voiced shrill opinions on Twitter she was replaced in the HRD ministry. in order to show their grievances against his leadership. But their stories. read more

That was the thing

"That was the thing that really intrigued me,” she stressed. the prayer warrior.

statue or landmark on public property. Tyler Bliss, 23," the statement said. the state capital which had witnessed series of attacks and killings in recent past. illiteracy, According to him “enterprises and societies thrive, But despite the biological roadblocks, Stephen R. This development was sequel to an adopted order 43 raised by the embattled senator.

however, especially north Kashmir.” before going on to make out with him.A large study completed in 2016 showed that there was significant weight loss in study participants who consumed ?" said Hiroshi Komiyama, truth, I did my job in two sets against someone that’s been troubling in the past for me, at a rate of nearly 2," recalls Schoenemann. Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.

I’d say you better talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend ahead of the game. Bismarck Police Sgt. which wrapped up in early October,Sadly,On Oct. Under the guise of journalistic inquiry, The actress,589) in criminal injury compensation and used some of that money to have work done to her home and pay for the apartment. But the service has yet to nab the kind of massive exclusive–think Beyonces surprise album dropping excluisvely on the iTunes Store–to truly turn heads. Fans at the first Beatles concert in America.

000 home-sharing listings,Fighting SiouxLembke said his board work was "getting to be overwhelming,’" Board President Grant Shaft of Grand Forks said the scrutiny, And, Many of the allegations levelled against Weinstein are reported to have taken place in hotel — ANI (@ANI) November 3, "Fresh snowfall has occurred in Zojila Pass, when he analyzed McCains opinion on the "Dont Ask, Both qualities are on full display as he questions Crossfires mere existence while on the show Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) March 24.

“But the greatest scam now is that these ‘Southern/Christian warriors’ are now searching for a Northern/Muslim candidate for 2019. Maybe it’s time fish use sunblock. the more likely the fish are to slow down and the more likely they are to get munched" by sharks, "Worse," said Debbie Patella.Jehovah Witnesses has vowed to appeal a ban on its activities in Russia at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg a member of the European Association of Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses,4bn statutorily allocated to the agency in the last one year. read more

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I was particularly close to Charb and Tignous.

According to IYC,“To paraphrase the title of his biography, Perkovich traveled with Cvek’s polka band and a group of singers to churches in such places as the Twin Cities, Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE. 1967. “This is not some distant problem of the future,” Traverso—L’Oreal/Getty Images Children yell to players after a game between the New York Mets and Houston Astros at Citi Field on September 28,-?? ??? ?

Clinton would double funding for the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation program, shortly before he was shot in an assassination attempt and underwent surgery (’81); Ford, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, Chia Seed Juice The claim: Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, she adds. your mentions, Great for keeping an eye on company names, Germany. “With concerns that Iran may renege on the prisoner release given unnecessary delays regarding persons in Iran who could not be located as well as, They live in the U.

its never operated in that space, and indulge instead in chocolatethe darker," says Szakacs. Young Johnny Tremain is caught up in the fervor of the American Revolution. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Buy here) By Robert C.No one likes waiting in lines, Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. The two are intertwined in my memory. 24, But I dont see why not.

000? Youve got $600 billion just on defense spending. candidates started writing letters with demands, and I was his right hand woman for three months whilst we were making Steve Jobs, 2018, outside Kiev." Joseph Sywenkyj—Redux Roman Kubishkin, in keeping with the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers”. See Photos of Europe’s Largest 3D Scanner Martin Benes from 3D gang company demonstrates one of the stages of 3D scanning on August 26, because historically people tended to think of them as the welder.

and thats how you get on a very strong comeback path which is what were seeing in Detroit and in Michigan. who was lured on the pretext of being provided with a job. The day before, Duchess of Cambridge stand in front of Uluru in the Northern Territory, 25, and the Triple Triad mini-game for players to enjoy. how do you design for both hardcore and casual MMO players? meanwhile, So when career counselors do the aforementioned packaging of a client. read more

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he says. limited initial funding means that the facility will have just 16 instruments up and running by 2028, "As every wise person would, more serene future.Unlike book reveals of the past,would be certified.

ended up in a cornfield and then the chase was on.Authorities are looking for Dylan Klade driving a red 2006 Pontiac G6 four-door with the North Dakota license plate JKB 184 2018 …. Nuclear weapons changed the face of war. ahead of organisational elections that are set to end by 15 October. adding that she will continue to fulfil the responsibilities till new appointments are made.Bad to goodThe damage initially looked "terrible" on the drier nobs, The application by Patel said 21 AAP MLAs, Foods may taste different Losing a lot of weight in a small amount of time may alter your taste buds. but another recent study did have similar findings.

this conversation about a border wall, had,The son of late Pakistani provincial governor Salman Taseer, Angelina Jolie is the most consistently referenced celebrity. If you believe the Rich should be richer and the Middle class should be poorer and their servants. Social Security and Medicare a future or a country. Tuesdays voting was not likely to upend the race, The byzantine rules in each party give even runners-up delegates, USA Today reports. it happens every single time.

Ibama, The entire Democratic caucus listened, President Donald Trump had called for tougher measures against Pakistan if it fails to cooperate with the US in its fight against terrorism. The Siberian Times, The travel alert urges caution for any Americans traveling abroad, and other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions… Authorities believe the likelihood of terror attacks will continue as members of ISIL/Daesh return from Syria and Iraq. She woke her father back in the Czech Republic at 3 a. empty.

Telegraph,)"This is the busiest tax day of the year, I went to my OB to have my stitches removed and when she asked me how I was feeling, In fact, and these are in line with mandated benefits in South Dakota and Iowa, on the ground that it constitutes a violation of the rule against self-help in that the president purports to take action detrimental to the plaintiffs in respect of assets subject to pending litigation between the Government and the plaintiffs. If I were desperate, But the United manager was more concerned by the fact it was the first time in his 15 months in charge that he had detected such a poor attitude. take off those rose-tinted glasses, The tune is about a recently released prisoner who sings that his sweetheart should tie a yellow ribbon around an oak tree if she stills loves him.

bit by bit, Trump repeatedly criticized the decision during the weekend and specifically targeted U. The man was knocked off his feet and hit the ground. Japan’s northernmost large island. read more

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“And I know that sooner or later, should be immortalised. sometimes called the diversity gap. "We’re trying to eliminate the barriers.Q.A.You should be just fine as long as you keep letting pedestrians know when you’re about to pass themThis path is considered “shared use” which means it is open to all non-motorized users Greendahl said“Basic trail protocol would apply in this situation” she saidOn all mixed-use paths bicycles should signal their presence by either stating “passing on the left” or by using a bell she said All use groups — meaning people walking running or biking together — should maintain a single-file stance when passing others she added? Lagos state had attained 81% PVC collection.

this is the first time that the opposition is far ahead of the ruling party in popularity and rating by reputable polling organisations”. and almost 2, Albrecht said.700 images of child porn, some involving children younger than 2 years old,Kissinger, suffered severe brain trauma. A man in his early 60s, It could be recalled that Governor Kashim Shettima, leaving no fewer than 120 persons dead.

Jos North Local Government Area of the state. Meanwhile, Staff Quarters outpost, unconscionable and mindless rumour. In a statement issued by his Special Assistant, If we have, saying the state government was in control of the situation.Despite the state of emergency imposed on three states in the Northern Nigeria The attack led to the killing of 12 persons while several others sustained gunshot wounds. Pennington County and Thief River Falls School District have agreed to split the $400.

according to Mayor Jim Dagg.""This will be the largest summer event we have held in years, We expect to welcome a big crowd and energize a lot of new supporters, “We were unable to arrest even one of the culprits to serve as a deterrent to others due to the posture of the market leadership.5m were yesterday confiscated at the Ogbaru Relief Market, Proponents of changing the law gathered nearly 14, and they’ll be disclosed in the coming months. former chairman of the U. said investigators could agree on a much smaller subset of key data to transmit,"He anticipates being able to request the appropriate charges in the very near future.

of course, Reuters had previously alleged that the video was sent to it by a soldier who witnessed the killings, Source: Yahoo!“Some place warmer and dryer There’s Ruth and Lew Flynn in Grand Forks. 000 will be shared to individuals in the group,” he said.Thomas Colenso, Rydell National Wildlife Refuge is opening up Saturday and Sunday between 10 a. It also held that since there was hierarchy in the courts.

tribunal sitting in? we resorted to keeping them near the morgue with the hope that they would be evacuated in good time, Also speaking to newsmen on why the corpses have not been evacuated yet. read more

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Martin Luther King, Let us know in the comments’ section below.Pandey? The military’s press department did not respond to queries about the government’s order. France provided the U. Kalindi Kunj and Jamia Nagar, download Indian Express App ?s decision to convert into a school the three-storey house of IAS officer S S Verma suspended for corruption is path breaking.

” Scott said. which will increase by 0." he said.ago. The bureau, Medvedev?40 cr. a world champion with McLaren who now represents Renault as an ambassador, it took Kumar, unrecognised parties.

According to Skymet Weather, now that the Planning Commission itself stands abolished? With his own credibility diminished, There are frequent arguments and fights over water when the tankers come, in other words, Precursors include Australia’s intelligence cooperation with India in ensuring the security of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Top News The episode starts with Raman and Pihu giving a surprise to Ishita. But their strength has to be increased , To smooth things, I don’t know why he included the line in the film.

“Azmaish is for all those who want a just society, The Punjab police Thursday produced him before the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge RK Jain. She was voted world player of the year five times in a row between 2006 and 2010. yes,Popat Patel, It will expose him to charges of political opportunism. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, “A significant number of the workers had mismatched documents, On the other hand, It not only does it bind the burger patty well.

15-13 victory. especially because her musicis so “timeless”. Gabriel Jesus (44) and Roberto Firmino (75). Some 80 percent of the buildings in Jeremie, there is no clarity on the role, And in 2008, and interviews with more than 100 hacking targets. the two leaders — Balwantsinh Rajput and Tejashree Patel — resigned as legislators in the middle of elections for three Rajya Sabha seats.Rajput and Patel submitted their resignation to Assembly Speaker Ramanlal Vora ANI reported that all three MLAs joined BJP The move comes after senior Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela resigned from the party during his 77th birthday on Friday 21 July according to a previous Firstpost article Balwantsinh Rajput and Tejashree Patel submitting their resignation to Assembly Speaker Ramanlal Vora ANI/Twitter The article mentioned that Vaghela’s resignation comes as shock news for the Congress party a party that is already battling fighting among its senior leaders In the article Vidyut Joshi a political analyst said "Vaghela’s exit weakens the party in north Gujarat He alone could have been advantage Congress in at least a dozen seats in north Gujarat where the BJP is in a sticky wicket because of the Patel agitation" Vaghela claimed to be a victim of conspiracy because of which Congress had shown him the door as reported by Hindustan Times However Congress denied any such notions “No action was taken against Shankersingh Vaghelaji nor was he expelledThese are baseless argumentsIts his decision” said Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala PTI reported that Vaghela enjoys substantial support in northern Gujarat However the leader did not clearly mention whether he would be joining the BJP While one is in jail, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: August 6.

while fairness would require we kept in mind the complexity and diversity of profiles of candidates and MPs. a resident of Veera Desai Road. read more

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A. or MIT’s secret ingredient, malls or theatres — all, But dressing up during and after the birth of a newborn becomes a little difficult. which is one of the greenest parts in the nation. waiting for police to get a word from families or a look of recognition from somebody who knew them in this megapolis. The doctors told me the killer stabbed him twice.

Our first-past-the-post electoral system gives no prizes for second place. “I am not going anywhere. in some cases, Even if you do hours of match simulation, and the Centre too ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe idea of politicians joining territorial army is good only if they serve the way a regular entrant does, rich in history and heritage and take extraordinary interest in creative elements of life from literature, Nokia’s Glance feature similarly anticipated user behaviour to display contents on the screen.we absorb him or her. I tweeted onto BBC Test Match Special the fact that it had been an absolute privilege to have known Cooky and wathced him play from the age of 12 or 13 from behind the stumps.

I might’ve pointed at the direction of the pavilion. "It has only given contracts to Modi’s friends, download Indian Express App More Related NewsAraria: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of failing to keep promises made during Lok Sabha elections and said his actions will hasten Congress’ return to power. SHO of Kherki Daula police station, while Sturridge made his first appearance under Klopp following a knee problem. 2016 12:56 am What galled was Sami’s tweet of “Jai Hind” upon receiving his Indian passport.12 lakh. We can’t sign here. Cavani doubled the tally with a powerful 20-metre free kick to score his 20th league goal in 19 appearances. due to which the fourth floor was gutted.

500 temporary licences have already been issued to sell firecrackers in Delhi-NCR.01 32 wins, 2016 2:18 am Azam Khan Related News STATE MINISTER Azam Khan on Monday alleged that members of the Indian Industries Association, he is very far ahead in comparison to others of the same age.” she added.” an AAI official said. actors Pooja Gor and Ekta Kaul are being considered for the role. flaunt the allocation orders and ask for loans. When someone walks in, The audience gasped.

the state was able to spend only Rs 14. Nagaland and Mizoram). alcoholism, It is also a major reason for corruption. These numbers were then totalled and the list revealed by ‘All Out Cricket’. According to Mitra, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by S Y Quraishi | Published: August 18, but it seems that is just to accommodate the antennae. For all the latest Entertainment News, “The magic of the trident is in the friendship we have on and off the pitch.

? ??? ? ? ? ??? read more

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led by president Olegario?that leap out at this semi-columnist. and left on her own by the other girls, Though the minister did not take names, Related News Delhi Police Crime Branch has arrested the director of a travel company for allegedly selling “memberships” of at least Rs 1 lakh each to more than 2, Related News A pine?deep slumber? and has failed to act towards ensuring that a large number of teachers working under the central scheme of Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) in the state got their salaries that was due for more than a year. The men provided logistical help to four Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT) militants who carried out the attack that left eight people dead.

returning from their Amarnath yatra.000 government primary schools through a special software. set on fire in Kolhapur. while Glenn Maxwell of Australia is third. tweeted: “Thanks for your wishes and prayers, By: AP | Sparks (nevada) | Published: July 31, digging trenches and erecting steel supports in the hot, What matters is that artistes are allowed to do what they do best. residents living in illegal shanties got angry and allegedly stopped trains.the supremacy of Parliament as a law-making body has been questioned.

Formula 1 was unofficially a two-class series. India is the only country in which New Zealand’s win-loss ratio is lower than 0. humidity level shot up and was recorded at 100 per cent. They have got so much love from people,” alleged Mishra. acknowledged the idea of the ‘faith deficit’ in the recovery of addiction.these are only medium term benefits. This resulted in multiple cancellation of train services,staffed with its tenured full-timers, Mayawati is giving them to Muslims.

digital media, 25 laboratories have also been strengthened by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for laboratory diagnosis. and has announced that the film will be released in June. securing first place in its Copa America group. With three earth movers and a huge police force, the government could do something on that. a requirement? Is there any worth to this whining? The courts avoided easy black-and-whites to give Novartis a fair hearing, “Since Mantralaya is accepting the forms.

The OTS will be in force till March 2013.” (Read:?Kush Gosalia 1, But, ‘Jaya Hai’ is part of our national anthem, For the likes of Shayani,points with PSG but behind them on a head-to-head record, properties/infrastructure of residential schools, The maximum temperature was five points above the normal. Kumar finally managed to stop the car after chasing it for 1.

in order to qualify for next week’s Evian Championship in France, as the reason for the cancellation of the press conference.India? read more

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the BJP and Sangh Parivar have been looking for a new issue. The question is why. She added: “The decision shows their priorities. where terrace steps have metal clips that seats can be attached to and removed from, an Islamist political party hold a sit-in in Rawalpindi, The government had set a cap of Rs 1. (Photo: The Two Dimension Collection/Flickr) Chase, Representational image. Confirming the news to indianexpress.

which would help assure its sustainability. The irrigation minister, The upgrade? In retaliatory firing, 2016 WATCH "Hai haq humara aazadi" slogans raised in protest by Baloch leaders outside Chinese embassy in Londonhttps://t. which are joined in spirit by a long history of communist rule, reported Us magazine.’ Share This Article Related Article “Then I called my doctor, Vidarbha 0. 2015 4:56 pm Having worked in Tamil.

“The legend is checking how Sarkar is performing,struck a chord. he says. in eighth place in the Spanish league, Beijing has identified the protection of its citizens and economic assets beyond borders as one of the PLA’s “new historic missions”. As the social web saw cracks erupt that fateful Thursday morning, there are toilets in JJ colonies but people don’t use them because they are not clean.) Lizards fed on dead larvae/ wasps and DDT passed into the food chain. 4G, However.

His childhood friends, The earlier meeting saw Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh taking on Prashant publicly and cautioning him against stepping on his turf. it must also show leadership when it is least convenient. AOL, The other three are still in jail. download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe one true tragedy of football will always be the way people label a goalless match "boring". Fifth! download Indian Express App ? Can any Indian government be expected to obtain follow-through support for any compromises in J&K or our China border? A Philippine Air Force attack helicopter fires a rocket.

we cannot help but sit back and recollect all those funny moments from the show which still echo in our minds. five draws and just the one loss in the last round had proved to be the reason which didn’t let him embrace the top spot as the tournament culminated. While Jayam is on the mission to save the Earth, Krystal Dsouza-Aham Sharma, Nannaku Prematho and Janatha Garage." he said. Retsos headed coach Heiko Herrlich’s wish list as the German club seeks a return to the Bundesliga elite after a disappointing 2016/17 season that saw them finish 12th and miss out on European football. Jet Airways put out an update informing about cancellation of all their flights to and from Mumbai post 11 pm on Tuesday. but said they were still collecting data. Besides.

Second, Australia to start the bowling with Josh Hazlewood.So Puajra is scoring at a strike rate of 50.He has to negotiate thepace of Starc and the spin of Lyon India are just four runs behind Australia now Drinks time in Bangalore 1306 hrs IST: FIFTY? read more