MBU test for high-flying Tivoli

first_img “The interchange between Johnson and Flemmings is great for them, in terms of sharing experiences. They are going in different directions, in terms of their careers, but they are good for each other. They get on even better off the field, and this is a big plus for the team,” shared the former Camperdown player and current coach. Flemmings’ value to the Tivoli team has also been noted by Montego Bay United coach Tim Hankinson, who singled him out for mention. “Tivoli are showing good qualities now. Flemmings is in good form. I saw his run against Arnett Gardens, which gave them the victory,” pointed out Hankinson, whose team lost 1-2 to CD Arbe Unido in the CONCACAF Champions League on Thursday. Hankinson, who appears to be a stickler for detail, said he knows what to expect from the opponents. “They are very determined and aggressive. They are there to take the match, but we have to be equal to engage that intensity and determination,” he said, adding, “it is all about finishing your opportunities to get the desired result.” To get that desired result, Montego Bay United will have to be at their best and better than they were against Harbour View and their Panamanian opposition. Their top two producers on offence, Dino Williams, the league’s leading scorer, and Owayne Gordon, who both missed Thursday’s match, will be back in action, according to Hankinson. “They are ready. We did not play them in the CONCACAF game because they had small injuries and needed more rest, but they trained well this morning,” Hankinson told The Sunday Gleaner yesterday. But while the news of Williams and Gordon is good, it is not the same for the defensive pair of Orlando McBayne and Ladale Ritchie. “McBayne still needs more time and Ritchie is still not ready. We have adequate cover. We played without these players on Thursday, and even though we did not not win, we played well. “We are a good team, a strong team, not about one or two players. We have depth,” Hankinson asserted. Today’s Games 6 p.m.: Arnett Gardens FC vs Waterhouse – Anthony Spaulding Complex 3 p.m.: Boys’ Town FC vs Cavalier – Barbican Stadium 3 p.m.: Humble Lion FC vs UWI – Effortville Community Centre 3 p.m.: Reno vs Portmore United – Frome Complex 3 p.m: Tivoli Gardens vs Montego Bay United FC – Edward Seaga Complex Tomorrow’s game 8:40 p.m.: Harbour View vs Rivoli United – Harbour View Stadium Points standing P W D L GF GA GD Pts MoBay United 7 4 2 1 15 6 9 14 Portmore 7 4 2 1 6 2 4 14 Tivoli 7 3 2 2 12 7 5 11 Reno 7 3 2 2 9 8 1 11 Arnett 7 3 1 3 11 5 6 10 Rivoli 7 3 1 3 7 8 -1 10 Humble Lion 7 2 3 2 4 5 -1 9 Cavalier 7 2 2 3 3 6 -3 8 H.View 7 1 4 2 6 9 -3 7 Waterhouse 7 2 1 4 5 9 -4 7 UWI FC 7 2 1 4 3 11 -8 7 Boys’ Town 7 1 3 3 7 13 -6 6 Great partnership Coach Christopher Bender could lead his charges closer to the top of the Red Stripe Premier League today if they get the better of leaders Montego Bay United, who they will go up against at the Edward Seaga Stadium at 3 p.m. Former champions Tivoli Gardens are currently sitting in third position on 11 points, three behind Montego United on 14 and Portmore United, also on 14, but with an inferior goal difference. In some circles, Tivoli’s march – three games successive wins, over Harbour View, Waterhouse and Arnett Gardens – is a surprise as some even whispered that Bender and his quiet easy-going manner would not survive in that tough environment. While it is still early in the season, Bender has managed to re-energise a group of players who have struggled over the last couple of seasons and have had more than their fair share of tragedy. “It is not magic. I would put it down to the work ethic and a change in the culture. These are difficult to achieve, but we are making progress,” Bender said of the turnaround he is witnessing with his players. He added: “We started off a bit shaky, but we are getting there and, hopefully, we can continue on that journey.” Today’s game against the leaders and a team that has been in the league final for the past two seasons, winning one and losing the other, Bender acknowledged, will be a tough one. “This will be a difficult one. We expect a stern test from MoBay United, but our hope is to continue improving and getting the job done at home. “We know they have some quality and are doing well in the league, and we have been doing well over the past three games, so fans should expect a keen test,” Bender said. One of the obvious bright sparks in the Tivoli Gardens set-up is 19-year-old attacker Junior Flemmings, who, along with the not fully fit Jermaine Johnson, terrorised Arnett Gardens with their pace and trickery on Monday last. Bender is bent on getting the best out of him “Everyone knows, including Flemmings himself, that he has talent, but talent without work, without the proper work ethic, discipline and application, nothing will come of it. One of my main objectives is to keep him focused. I try to keep him grounded, and that is the biggest challenge. He has to buy into a certain way of operating if he is to play at the higher level, which he is capable of doing, and he is buying into it.last_img read more

‘Don’t Dehumanize GBV Victims’

first_imgThe executive director of the Bassa Women Association (BAWODA), Madam Martha Flanjay-Karnga, has cautioned health workers, family members and community people in the country to stop dehumanizing, discriminating against or exposing HIV/Aids patients and victims of gender-based violence.Madam Flanjay-Karnga made the utterance recently when she addressed the opening of two separate health related workshops, which centered on gender-based violence and AIDS control in Buchanan.She said whatever the status of the victims of AIDS, rape or other forms of gender-based violence, ordinary patients, including health workers, family members and community people should not discriminate against them, but rather give the victims equal care and treatment, since they are still living and form part of society.Her utterance, she said, came in the wake of keen observation she made and experience that she has had with some health workers, family members and community people, who are given to exposing and disparaging GBV victims, as well as people suffering from HIV. “This is simply pathetic and may very well dehumanize the victims,” she said in a statement.She said that both health workshops were organized by BAWODA, sponsored by GLOBAL Fund and through the instrumentality of Action Aid. She lauded the organizers and supporters for the gesture, which she described as timely.The BAWODA executive director admonished the 20 participants, who came from Grand Bassa and Rivercess counties, to share with their colleagues who were not fortunate to attend knowledge acquired from the workshop.The facilitator, Mr. G. Moses Jackson, who is from the HIV/AIDS and Clinical Mentor  of the National Aids Control of Liberia and assigned at the St. Peter Catholic Health Center in Buchanan, disclosed that rape victims present at the workshop, although authorized health centers can give them lifetime drugs, will receive PEP treatment. He mentioned that patients tested negative for rape can receive PEP treatment for up to 28 days.He advised parents and community dwellers not to compromise rape cases but report them immediately to the police first and then to the hospital for thorough examination. The reporting should be done within 72 hours before the disease becomes chronic, he said.The second workshop was facilitated by an officer of the Women and Child Protection Division of the Grand Bassa County Police Detachment, Enoch M. Dunbar, who named the elements of rape as the doers (rapists) who, he said, are guilty of an international crime.Officer Dunbar said that rape is committed through the penetration of any opening of the body, be it the ears, nose, mouth, anus or vagina, with the victims often coerced and intimidated by their abusers.He mentioned the various types of rape as Marta Rape, Statutory Rape, Gang Rape, and Sodomy Rape (man to man or woman to woman).He also named other sexual offenses as Sexual Abuse of wards, which he said involves teachers having sexual affairs with students for grades promotion; or employers having affairs with employees for jobs.At the close of the workshops, the participants from Grand Bassa and Rivercess counties shared their experiences, explaining instances when they have had to face sexual exploitations.  Some narrated that their parents had forced them into affairs with men far beyond their ages, in order to lessen their financial problems.Thanking BAWODA and its sponsors for the knowledge imparted to  them, they promised to share with others what they had learned at the workshops.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Government to Increase Sale of US Dollars

first_imgThe government in early June will pay civil servants, and its obligations for goods and services, including payments to contractors and lessors about 80% in Liberian dollars in order to increase the sale of United States dollars to the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to restore its reserves, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has informed the Legislature.The President said the increase in the level of domestic expenditure in Liberian dollars would also help the CBL’s targeted level in reserves as agreed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).The President’s letter, dated May 13, was read yesterday during the House session. It did not state when the Liberian dollar payments of salaries and other expenditures would end but indicated that it is likely to affect salary payments for all government employees.“The reason for this decision as we approach the end of the fiscal year is that the level of intake in Liberian dollars has increased. This is also due to the fact that it has become necessary to increase the sale of the United States dollars to the Central Bank of Liberia to restore their reserves to the required targeted level as agreed with the International Monetary Fund,” the President wrote.Meanwhile, the Legislature has approved the printing of L$55m to cover up for the “shortage of Liberia’s legal tender.”The approval of the new money was owing to two letters from the President based on the advice of the CBL to address the shortage of Liberian dollars in circulation.President Sirleaf said the shortage of Liberian dollars to meet national transaction needs would seriously affect the economy.In spite of the shortage of Liberian dollars, the exchange rate of the US dollar to the Liberian dollar will not be increasing. The exchange rate is now US$1 to L$92.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Education of children under threat – Father of 3 fears

first_imgAfter being retrenched by the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) since 2016, former Wales Sugar Estate cane harvester Michael Chootoo has outlined the many challenges that have affected his ability to provide for himself and his family. The worker, who showcased signs of being at his wit’s end over the non-payment of his severance, indicated to Guyana Times in a recent interview that theFormer sugar worker Michael Chootooeducation of his three children is being hindered as he “barely” has enough money to send them to school.“It affecting my family a lot and meh pickney dem could barely get to go school. If I did get my severance, I coulda tek meh money turn over and do a lil business and get a lil profit,” Chotoo decried.The former worker further observed the difficulties of not affording to pay for the many assignments that his children have to complete and he also noted the unfavourable conditions under which he has to send them to school. He noted that the ages of his children are 16, 14 and nine.“Right now my children’s boots aint got nothing underneath, they just going with the top. One of them crying because she say she will stop go to school because she got to get $600 to do assignment to carry in today – me can’t afford that, me an got nothing at all. Right now I take some trust from some people and I can’t afford to pay,” the man noted.He called on the sugar company to pay the Wales workers their termination benefits, claiming that the few hundred workers attached to the former West Bank Demerara entity are being bullied.“I really need my severance and is bullying with GuySuCo because they come and tell me bout meh severance and I agree to take me severance and not to go to Uitvlugt. They bullying us,” Chootoo stressed.In a show of much annoyance, the retrenched worker related that he deserves his severance after devoting almost 30 years of service with the sugar company.“Right now I frustrated with GuySuCo. I waiting on severance since 2016. I work with the estate for 28 years and it hard now from since then to now. Other estates come behind and closed down and done get their severance and I an get nothing yet. The people at Wales angry over their treatment… is months and a year finish and we can’t get nothing,” Chootoo expressed.As with his colleague Stanley Felix, the dismissed worker observed the strain on family life which was brought on by the closure of the Estate.“Nuff time my wife make attempt to leff me because is three children that got to go to school and it hard. Every day, they coming home with assignment an I got to find money for them to go to the Internet [café] because I can’t afford to put Wi-Fi in my house and now the lil money when I work a fine job and save, I got to take out and it ah finish,” he pointed out.“Right now I cleaning people drains and doing other people yard just to upkeep me. It very hard, hard, hard right now,” Chootoo stressed.The father of three is hopeful that the High Court can call up the severance matter, some 10 months after the case was filed.On December 31, 2016, the Wales Estate was closed. GuySuco has since snubbed the Wales workers when it announced on Tuesday that they are not entitled to severance payment.Acting GuySuCo Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Paul Bhim, has declared that these workers were not entitled to those benefits.Bhim maintains that GuySuCo has honoured all its obligations regarding the payment of severance at the Wales Estate. He told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that cane cutters were offered jobs at the Uitvlugt Estate and they were at risk of self-termination because of their refusal to take up this offer.However, the workers argued that they were being pressured by GuySuCo when they were aware that the Uitvlugt Estate was located more than 20 miles from Wales. They still contend that this move is contrary to the Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act. By refusing to adhere to the “Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act” GuySuCo is treating the Wales cane cutters like indentured servants.Of the approximate 4800 workers dismissed in the latest firings, only 1600 fired sugar workers who are eligible to receive $500,000 or less in severance pay have been paid in full, while the others would be paid 50 per cent of the amounts due to them.last_img read more

Guyanese deserve protection against the State, public bodies – Ramkarran

first_imgJudicial Review ActIn underscoring the importance of having the Judicial Review Act enforced, Attorney-at-Law and former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran, has said that Guyanese deserve, without delay, the protection against the state and public bodies; and unless all the mechanisms are put in place, they will not get that.Ramkarran explained in his weekly column, ‘Conversation Tree’, that public law is important because of the unequal relationship between the Government and the public. He noted that the Government is the only body that can make decisions on the rights of individuals, and Government must act within the law. A citizen, he reminded, can ask for judicial review if they are unhappy with a decision of an authoritative body.He recalled that, decades ago, the number of public law actions in Guyana and the wider world began to increase exponentially. In the late 1970s, the procedure in public law cases was modernized in the United Kingdom, and additional remedies were made available to citizens. The Caribbean followed later.Guyana, always moving at an unhurried pace, finally moved in 2010, and the National Assembly passed the Judicial Review Act. However, the Act could not be implemented because it had to await the new rules of court providing for public law applications, which were implemented in February 2017.“The Act formalises and substantially expands the right of a person or group, whose interests are adversely affected by an administrative act or omission, to obtain relief from the court through an application for judicial review,” he said. He explained that there are grounds under which an application can be made.These are that an act is: contrary to law, in excess of jurisdiction, an unlawful procedure, in violation of natural justice, an unreasonable exercise of jurisdiction, an abuse of power, fraud, bad faith, unauthorized action, violating policy of an act, error of law, and absence of evidence for finding, among other things.He said the orders which the court can grant include the writs of certiorari, prohibition and mandamus described above, and such orders as the court considers just. It can also now grant a declaratory judgment or an advisory declaration, or a prospective declaration, and an injunction, among other things.“Since public law is essentially for the protection of the citizen against the state and public authorities, it immeasurably enhances the rights of, and empowers, the citizen, who will now be in a far stronger position to seek and obtain protection against the state and public bodies.“Caribbean people have enjoyed these rights for decades. Guyanese deserve to, without delay,” he added.Attorney General Basil Williams has recently been ordered by Chief Justice Roxane George to enforce the Judicial Review Act by July 31, 2018. In December 2017, the Chief Justice had granted an Order Rule Nisi of Mandamus, directing the AG to show cause why the said Order Nisi should not be made absolute.Last year, Attorney Anil Nandlall moved to the court to have the following issues addressed: 1. Whether the Minister had discretion to bring into force the Judicial Review Act after the promulgation of Civil Procedure Rules. 2. Whether the Minister had a duty to issue the order to bring into force the JRA. 3. Whether the Honourable Court can compel the Minister to fulfil his duty.In December 2017, Chief Justice George had granted an Order Rule Nisi of Mandamus, directing the AG to show cause why the said Order Nisi should not be made absolute. After reviewing all the affidavits filed by both sides and considering the legal arguments, Chief Justice George made the Order Rule Nisi absolute and directed the Legal Affairs Minister to bring the Judicial Review Act into force.The National Assembly passed the Bill and it was assented to by the then President, Bharrat Jagdeo, in 2010. However, it was never operationalised.Following the High Court ruling, the Bar Council issued a statement in which it outlined that it had previously raised the matter of the implementation of the Act at a meeting with Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, during a July 22, 2017 meeting, and then again by way of letter dated November 15, 2017, requesting the urgent implementation of the Judicial Review Act.The Council said the implementation of the Act remedies a lacuna in the new Civil Procedure Rules of 2016, which contain procedures contemplating remedies under the Act. And in the absence of this Act, litigation in this vital area of the law has been stymied and made fraught with a number of procedural hurdles, some of which were laid bare in the recent cases emanating from the Caribbean Court of Justice.last_img read more

CH&PA vehicle bursts into flames on Rupert Craig Highway

first_img– 5th vehicle for year to burst into flamesA pickup belonging to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) on Tuesday afternoon burst into flames on the Rupert Craig Highway in the vicinity of the Rubis Gas StationThe Nissan vehicle on fireThe driver, Wilbert Mingo, who is said to be in his late 30s, was accompanied by his colleague, Daniel Persaud, in the Nissan pickup which bore registration plate PNN 7686. They were heading to East Coast Demerara when the incident occurred.Guyana Times understands that Mingo observed smoke billowing from his air conditioning vents and thought something was amiss. Before he could have brought the vehicle to a halt to make checks, the vehicle burst in flames.He and Persaud rushed from the vehicle on to the flooded roadway to safety and escaped unhurt, but the vehicle was completely destroyed.Fire fighters at the scene told Guyana Times that it was too early to determine the cause of the fire. The driver, who was still shaken up as a result of the incident, was unable to speak with the media.An investigation is ongoing.The Government vehicle is the fifth for the year to be mysteriously destroyed by fire. While some persons have blamed a specific fuel, others say the reason for the fires may be linked to uncertified vehicular upgrades and poor maintenance.On February 13, a father and his child barely managed to escape unhurt at Oronoque and Charlotte Streets, Bourda, Georgetown, after their Toyota Allion car which bore registration number HC 8512 caught fire.Fire Prevention Officer Andrew Holder told Guyana Times that the owner’s daughter complained of smelling a burning scent. The owner later observed smoke coming from under his bonnet and upon checks, discovered that the engine of the car was engulfed in flames.On February 7, a minibus in Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), mysteriously caught fire. Prior to that, two vehicles in Georgetown also faced the same fate in separate incidents.This newspaper contacted several experienced mechanics for an opinion on the recent incidents and was told that it is not normal for vehicles to burst into flames, even if servicing is not done on time. One mechanic who works for a major mining company pointed to the possibility of contaminated fuel being the source of the issue.However, the Fire Prevention Officer in a previous interview told this publication that the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) has not ventured into investigating the fuel being used by the vehicles since preliminary investigations point to poor maintenance of the vehicles.However, he noted that this option has not been ruled out, but expressed willingness to explore this area if other vehicles combust under similar circumstances.Moreover, he admitted that the fire department is incapable of running tests to verify the quality of fuel being used by the vehicle owners.“The Fire Service in itself, we are not equipped to test the fuel to see if it is something about the fuel causing these fires, but rest assured that if this continues to happen, definitely, we will have to examine that possibility,” Holder noted.last_img read more

Weather may cause Force finals streak to end today

first_imgForce, the 14-time Funny Car champion, stands outside the top 16 looking in, wondering if the clouds that hovered over Pomona Raceway on Friday will unload today. After half of the four scheduled qualifying runs for the season-opening Winternationals, Force is a almost a quarter of a second too slow. “But if ever there was a time not to start, this is the day.” It was a reference to the other three John Force Racing Mustangs that are in the top 16. In addition to Hight, Eric Medlen is fifth and Ashley Force, the champ’s 24-year-old daughter making her professional debut, is 12th. “This is not working out the way I planned,” said Force, whose four-car entry makes up more than one-sixth of the total entries. “But this is the next generation of racing. I’m very proud of Robert.” Hight’s time Friday fell off dramatically from the previous day, and he attributed it to the new combination in the car. “Today it was just too aggressive,” Hight said, “it shook the tires. But we’re still No. 1. Eric is solidly in the show and John can still get it. “He’s been asking Ashley what to do.” For her part, Ashley also failed to improve on her initial run of 4.810 and dropped from sixth to 12th. “We wanted to step it up,” she said. “We didn’t know if the 0.81 would hold. If it rains, we’re in. You don’t want to get too greedy, but you don’t want not to get greedy enough and miss the boat.” Scelzi jumped into the second spot with a run of 4.726 at 328.54 mph while Scott Kalitta also improved with his 4.741 run. Jeff Arend of San Dimas is on the bump spot with a run of 4.849, just behind Cruz Pedregon of Camarillo. Jack Beckman of North Hills is seventh in the field while Del Worsham of Chino Hills is 11th. Force is not the only former champion on shaky ground. Kenny Bernstein, a five-time Funny Car champion, also is on the outside two days into his racing comeback and has yet to make a competitive run. “We got after it pretty hard, but we had too much drive shaft,” Bernstein said. “If it does rain Saturday, I hope it rains all day so that they cancel the event and come back next week.” Should the 56-year-old Force and the 62-year-old Bernstein not make Sunday’s show, Force had an idea on how to entertain the fans. “I’ve challenged Kenny to a footrace,” Force said. “And he’ll probably win because he’s in great shape.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Coincidentally, his son-in-law leads the class. Robert Hight’s Thursday run of 4.693 seconds at 326.79 mph held up, despite hard charges by Gary Scelzi and Scott Kalitta. Not since the 1987 World Finals, over the same Fairplex quarter-mile, has Force stood on the sidelines during a Sunday final eliminations. By comparison, the second-longest active streak is 160 by Doug Kalitta, who last failed to qualify at the 2000 Winternationals. With a 40 percent chance of showers this afternoon, according to weather reports, is Force nervous he may not get in the field? “I’ll take my spanking and go home,” Force said. “I’m upside-down over this. We need to find out what’s wrong. All I know is that we’re dropping cylinders. center_img POMONA – One day after proudly watching his daughter withstand the pressure of the drag racing world, John Force faced another dilemma: Will his record streak of 392 consecutive NHRA starts survive? Photo Gallery: CARQUEST Auto Parts NHRA Winternationals last_img read more

New numbers on jobs in green-building sector from Pembina Institute

first_imgNew figures  on jobs in B.C.’s green-building sector were released last Thursday by the Pembina Institute.This coincides with Buildings Day at the United Nations climate-change conference in Paris and the left-wing think tank says they show this is a growing sector which already employs tens of thousands of British Columbians.An interaction map shows over 10,000 energy efficient homes and buildings in the province, and they’re found in both our biggest cities and most remote communities.- Advertisement -Late last month, over 80 companies, organizations and cities threw their support behind the Call for Action on Energy and Climate in the Building Sector, urging the province to take bold measures to reduce emissions from homes and buildings.It acknowledges the Liberal government has taken some steps to support this sector, but argues it must take further and faster action, in order to meet its greenhouse-gas emission targets, and accelerate the growth of a clean economy.The release of the green buildings map follows what Pembina calls the success of its Clean Electricity Job Map which reportedly highlights 14,000, 100 jobs created by hydro, biomass, wind and solar-electricity companies across the province.Advertisement The Institute claims B.C.’s green-building sector directly and indirectly employs 23,200 people and says 34 manufacturers and suppliers are now part of it.It also puts the number of green homes in the province at 8,900, and says there are now just over 1,100 large green buildings.That noted an institute spokesperson argues, the map makes it clear that we can build our way to a clean economy, one where we reduce energy use and carbon pollution, and at the same time create jobs.last_img read more

England have a new prince – and his name is Harry

first_imgCritics were sharpening their pencils. He had never won a trophy with Tottenham. He had never scored in a major tournament. He had failed to find the net in four appearances at Euro 2016 and in the big Champions League matches against the likes of Real Madrid.Kane, scorer of a remarkable 59 Premier League goals in the past two seasons, was even goaded by a Russian reporter in the pre-match press conference about his lack of silverware.“Maybe I’ll be sitting here in four weeks with the big gold one,” he quipped back.He had a score to settle and all he needed was two opportunities on Monday at the Volgograd Arena, just two strikes on target.He scored both, the second in breathless fashion with a clever, composed, far-post header as the clock ticked past 90 minutes to give England a precious 2-1 win.On the biggest stage of all, it had taken him just 11 minutes to open his account as England swept forward in waves.John Stones’s header was clawed out by goalkeeper Mouez Hassen and the ultimate poacher Kane was there to volley home the rebound sweetly.“It was him who was always there at the right time,” admitted Tunisia coach Nabil Maaloul, whose defenders had spent most of the match wrestling Kane to the ground to keep him quiet.Tunisia lost track of Kane only twice from set pieces in 91 minutes. It cost them two goals, and the match. “He is the optimal striker,” said Maaloul.Kane was less enthused about his treatment, but knows he is a marked man and can expect more of the same as the tournament progresses.– Compelling stats –Harry Kane scored in the 91st minute for England “I was a bit disappointed by the referee not saying anything on corners, I couldn’t get them off me,” Kane said. “But all we can do is get on with the game.”Kane largely disappeared for the 80 minutes that separated his goals, but he has that indefinable quality that elevates great strikers above the rest — he will always, somehow, find a way to earn one last chance, and one is generally all he needs.“In the back of our minds, we thought that it could be one of those days where it doesn’t go our way,” Kane admitted after the match.“But that’s why you work so hard, so you can go to 90-plus minutes to win a game. We got lucky and we got the goal in the end.”He is now on the path to joining the company of England World Cup legends.The last man to score twice for England in a World Cup match was 1986 Golden Boot winner Gary Lineker, against Cameroon in Italia 90.And in one match Kane now has doubled the World Cup goals tally of England’s record scorer Wayne Rooney, who played in the 2006, 2010 and 2014 tournaments.Kane’s stats are compelling: he has eight goals in the six games he has worn the England armband, 11 in his past eight games for the Three Lions.“If he hadn’t scored, I’d be answering questions about his ability to score in tournament football,” said Southgate, almost tired of people doubting Kane’s ability.“The only thing he hasn’t done now is score in August. He’s moved every other barrier, and I’m personally delighted for him.”There will be harder battles ahead, Belgium lie in wait after Panama on Sunday.But Monday was a dream start for Harry, England’s new prince.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Harry Kane celebrates after England won their World Cup opener against Tunisia© AFP Nicolas ASFOURIVOLGOGRAD, Russia, June 19- Harry Kane rose emphatically to the World Cup challenge in England’s opening match against Tunisia, scoring a last-gasp winner to give Gareth Southgate’s side lift-off in Russia.It was a remarkable World Cup debut for Kane, who bore the added pressure of the captain’s armband and the weight of a nation on his 24-year-old shoulders.last_img read more

Silver Spur Garden Club is 50 years old

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWhicker: Clemson demonstrates that it’s tough to knock out the champ“We are really a diverse group of women from many different countries. We have lots of areas of expertise, and we all share our knowledge. We’re like a close family,” said former president Jackie Johnson.A member for 35 years, Johnson has the longest tenure with the club. She and her husband specialize in growing bromeliads and orchids, but she has become proficient with dozens of plant species over the years.In fact, Johnson’s floral artistic design skills, honed in garden club meetings, won her the top prize out of 125 international entries in the Bromeliad World Conference’s artistic design competition in Los Angles. She also took home first-place honors in competitions in San Francisco, San Diego and Chicago.Typically, members of the Silver Spur Garden Club are not only great gardeners and hostesses with lovely homes and gardens, but they are gourmet cooks as well.Not surprisingly, guests often find edible flowers adorning luncheon plates or incorporated into salads, tea sandwiches or pastries. And, of course, the centerpieces are to die for. Among members’ gardens are exquisite Italian, Mediterranean, English cottage, coastal, container and succulent gardens, in addition to eclectic mixes. Member Julia Jones has about 150 topiaries in her garden.Club members also are diverse in age – from their 30s and 40s up to age 89.Lilian Bulat is the club’s sprightly senior member – she will turn 90 in January.Each club meeting includes artistic and horticultural sessions in which members bring new or different plants to display, or cuttings or plant divisions to share.The November meeting at the Mediterranean-style home of Jiovanna Ciccone featured a floral design demonstration by Redondo Beach bridal floral designer Lavorka Curic, owner of Flowers by Laurel. Assisted by Charlene Machen, Curic elicited oohs and aahs for her original holiday arrangements.“Brides ask me all the time to create something so special that no one has ever seen anything like it before. That’s what we go for,” said Curic, as she executed a two-tier arrangement with floating candles, orchids, burgundy roses and wine-colored gerbera daisies on a base of floating cranberries.Along with meetings, members also hold an annual spring tour of four gardens and a lovely outdoor luncheon and silent auction.Last year, they donated nearly $6,500 to nonprofits such as the South Coast Botanic Garden, Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy, Southern California Regional Occupational Center, South Bay Wildlife Rehab, Pennies for Pines and South Bay schools with gardening programs.The club also selects attractive home and commercial landscaping as recipients for Garden of the Season award – given to individuals or companies who significantly beautify their part of the world.“We just knock on doors and offer our award,” says Johnson. “People love it and over the years, a lot of these award recipients wound up joining our group.”The club also sponsors two bus tours each year to Los Angeles or Orange County botanical gardens, nurseries or other places of interest and at least once a year the club holds a couples party, usually in a private home.On Nov. 3, the group celebrated its 50th Golden Jubilee anniversary with a dinner at the Los Angeles Yacht Club in San Pedro, where members and their spouses celebrated and reminisced.Ask any member and you will hear sentiments similar to Johnson’s: “This group has enriched my life with wonderful friends and added greatly to my knowledge of plants and artistic design.” Want to Go? When: Meets at 10 a.m. the fourth Wednesday of every month.Information: (310) 378-3922.Meredith Grenier (310) 540-5511, Ext.494; meredith.grenier@dailybreeze.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The Palos Verdes Peninsula-based Silver Spur Garden Club is 50 years old this year. But don’t let the lofty number fool you.These hands-on gardeners are as vibrant, natural and hardy as any of their favorite flowers.They are very active – meeting monthly, with guest speakers enriching their gardening know-how.Because they meet at homes, where members can view each others’ horticultural handiness, they limit their membership to 40, and there is a waiting list.last_img read more