Preseason planter maintenance tips

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Jonah JohnsonHopefully by now you have begun to service and prepare your planter for a successful crop initiation. Set yourself up for a successful planting season and a prosperous harvest by taking time to ensure your planter has been calibrated and set to handle the varying seed size that we are experiencing this year. Below are some guidelines to assist in properly adjusting your planting equipment. Planter frame adjustmentHitch and toolbar height: Tractor hitch heights may vary due to tire size, tractor manufacturer, and type of planter. Hitch height should be raised to level toolbar for best planter performance. The tool bar height should be 20 to 22 inches from ground level. Make sure it is level or running slightly uphill to provide correct down-pressure from springs.Seed transmission systems: Check sprockets, chains, bearings, meter drives and insecticide drives daily. Any vibration in the drive system will end up at the meters and cause spacing issues. Seed furrow creationIf using no-till coulters, they need to be a quarter inch above the openers, make sure the depth is not set to deep. Coulters should run a quarter inch above Tru-Vee openers.If coulters are too deep the seed will be planted too deep and the openers won’t turn. Row cleaner settingSet your planter’s row cleaners deep enough to remove trash and not throw soil. In some cases, floating cleaners may help. Floating row cleaners follow contours and are less likely to “trench” or “hover” when compared to “locked” row cleaners. Check opening disks for proper seed furrowCheck opening disks for wear and alignment. Disks should form a “V” trench, not a “W.” In general, regardless of equipment manufacturer, disks must be replaced when they lose half an inch in diameter. Seed singulationFor finger units, check brushes and fingers for wear. Replace worn or grooved faceplates and replace seed conveyors with missing ladders. In vacuum systems, check for air leaks and worn seals around the metering units.Larger seed size in 2017 will require increased use of talc, graphite or a combination of the two to assist your respective planter handle varying seed size. Seed drop and coveringCheck seed tubes and tube guards for wear, bending or deformation and repair as needed. Vibration or bounce of the row unit can cause tumbling and poor seed spacing. Seed firmers help eliminate gaps between the seed and the bottom of the seed trench which helps create good seed-to-soil contact and uniform depth within the seed trench. Gauge wheels should slightly rub on the disk opener to help create a good seed trench and keep the openers clean.Keep in mind that too much down force will create sidewall compaction. In tougher, wet soils, spiked closing wheels may help prevent sidewall compaction. Whole planter inspectionsCentral fill systems: Seed bridging in the seed tank and seed plugging in the seed hose are common issues. Symptoms of seed bridging include no seed and too much air in the mini hoppers. If this occurs, assess whether the tank pressure is set to the recommended setting and whether the tank agitator is turning when the fan is running. Make sure the agitator pins are centered over seed nozzle openings and then adjust tank pressure by one pound until seed begins to flow.Symptoms of seed plugging include seed stuck in the seed delivery hose between the tank and mini hopper or in the elbow of the mini hopper. To remedy this situation, make sure the tank pressure is set correctly for the crop being planted. You may also need to unplug the agitator motor to allow less seed to be picked up. For small seed, use tank nozzle inserts. Seed lubricantsProper use of talc and graphite may eliminate a lot of potential problems. Talc removes static and graphite lubricates seed while moving through the system. Use rates may need to increase for large treated seed and when temperature and humidity are high. Check your respective equipment manufacture’s manuals for recommended amounts of seed lubricant. Also, your seed dealer may have specific recommendations to improve seed flowability.For more information, visit Pioneer GrowingPoint agronomy at pioneer.com/agronomy.Sign up to receive the latest agronomy updates for your geography from DuPont Pioneer at pioneer.com/signup.last_img read more

Weekly Wrap-Up: RWW Founder Starts New Chapter, Why iPhone Is Not Your Mother’s Smartphone, And The Best Time To Send Emails

first_imgRelated Posts Tags:#web#Weekly Wrap-ups adam popescu Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting RWW Founder Richard MacManus’ New Chapter, Why iPhone Is Not Your Mother’s Smartphone, and The Best Time To Send Emails. All of this and more in the ReadWriteWeb Weekly Wrap-up.After the jump you’ll find more of this week’s top news stories on some of the key topics that are shaping the Web – Location, App Stores and Real-Time Web – plus highlights from some of our six channels. Read on for more.RWW Founder Richard MacManus Starts His Next ChapterRichard’s vision and leadership made ReadWriteWeb an indispensable part of the tech journalism landscape. The editorial team will do its utmost to live up to Richard’s legacy, RWW Founder Richard MacManus Starts His Next Chapter.More Top Posts:Sorry, Samsung, iPhone Is Not Your Mother’s SmartphoneThe culmination of the crusty-iPhone meme is Samsung’s recent television ad, the latest move in the company’s year-long campaign to damage the hipster-hyped image of the iPhone, Sorry, Samsung, iPhone Is Not Your Mother’s Smartphone.What’s The Best Time Of Day To Send Emails? [Infographic]Email blasts may seem like the out-of-touch old fogey of online marketing, but there’s a reason they keep hanging around: They still work. But that doesn’t mean most businesses understand how to get the most out of them. One of the biggest, hardest-to-answer questions has always been: When is the best time to send out messages, What’s The Best Time Of Day To Send Emails? [Infographic].I Won’t Buy Apple Products Until The Company Treats Overseas Workers FairlyAt what point will Apple say enough is enough? When will it decide that the costs saved by manufacturing in China arn’et worth the PR blowback, to say nothing of the physical and emotional harm its partnership with Foxconn supports, I Won’t Buy Apple Products Until The Company Treats Overseas Workers Fairly.Your Twitter Hashtag Chats Are Ruining My Life. Please StopHaving a conversation on Twitter is like gabbing in the front row of a rock concert. You have to yell to be heard, and that annoys everyone around you. Yet for some reason, people engage in hashtag chats on Twitter. Hashtag chats are not only rude, they’re unnecessary. There are far better alternatives, Your Twitter Hashtag Chats Are Ruining My Life. Please Stop.Chrome Extension Protects Privacy Against Google, Facebook & 1,000 Other SitesIf you’re tired of logging into Facebook to reset your privacy options every time the company updates its user agreement, a new Chrome extension may be the fix you’re looking for, Chrome Extension Protects Privacy Against Google, Facebook & 1,000 Other Sites.The 5 Commandments For Smartphone OwnersSmartphones are not just for email, Facebook and fantasy football. They are multi-sensory assistant droids that extend our powers of creativity and observation. They’re loaded with powerful cameras, microphones and accelerometers. We can interact with the info they store with our fingers or our voices. They can communicate with other computers. And there’s an app for everything, The 5 Commandments For Smartphone Owners.How Social Media Consultants Dupe Their Corporate ClientsAnyone can call himself a social media expert and find clients willing to pay thousands of dollars for advice. Here are some things to consider before hiring a so-called expert, including whether you really need a social media consultant, How Social Media Consultants Dupe Their Corporate Clients.[Infographic] YouTube’s Top 1,000 Channels Reveal An Industry Taking ShapeYouTube is still the pesky younger sibling of television, which is the wicked uncle of Hollywood. But the social video site is slowly becoming a formidable medium in its own right, creating new business models and spheres of influence for – literally – a million rising stars, [Infographic] YouTube’s Top 1,000 Channels Reveal An Industry Taking Shape.Chirpify: Buy, Sell, Donate With Your Twitter AccountIt was only a matter of time. Tweets are now transactions. A new service called Chirpify has opened Twitter to e-commerce, enabling people to buy, sell, donate, pay and otherwise transact in-stream with their Twitter accounts, Chirpify: Buy, Sell, Donate With Your Twitter Account.ReadWriteWeb ChannelsEnterpriseTake My Facebook Password? Over My Dead BodyIs Microsoft Challenging Google on HTTP 2.0 with WebSocket?[Infographic] Social Media Security Basics MobileFacebook Friends: How Many Is Too Many?Fuzebox, the iPad and the Reality of Simple Unified CommunicationsSquashing Bugs: The Many Layered Approach to Mobile App TestingCloudFollow ReadWriteCloud on Twitter and join the ReadWriteCloud LinkedIn Group.Red Hat Sets a Date for OpenShift Source ReleaseBox Launches Its Own Enterprise Cloud Operating EcosystemGoogle’s Go Programming Language Grows Up: Now What?HackFollow ReadWriteHack on Twitter.Google Adds New Toys to OAuth PlaygroundTrello: Online Collaboration Software at Its FinestRevenge of the DevOps: Microsoft Targets Next Visual Studio for Admins TooReadWriteWeb CommunityYou can find ReadWriteWeb in many places on the web, a few of which are below.ReadWriteWeb on FacebookReadWriteWeb on TwitterReadWriteWeb on Google+ReadWriteWeb on LinkedInReadWriteWeb on PinterestReadWriteWeb on StorifySubscribe to the ReadWriteWeb Weekly Wrap-upWant to have this wrap up delivered to you automagically? You can subscribe to the Weekly Wrap-up by RSS or by email.center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Virtuous and Vicious Cycles

first_imgSometimes you end up in a loop. That loop can lead upward, producing better and better results. That loop can also descend deep into what can feel like Hell.Some cycles are virtuous and some are simply vicious.The Vicious CycleLower margins make it difficult to deliver the results your clients need. You have less profit to work with in producing those results. And into the loop you descend.Poor results produce unhappy clients. Well, they produce unhappy clients for a little while, until they produce at-risk clients and, finally, lost clients.There are many ways to enter a death loop. You can stop creating value. You can become complacent. You can ignore complaints and problems.Climbing out of this hole is difficult, but the first step is simple: stop digging.The Virtuous CycleHigher margins produce better results. It’s easy to do good work when you have the money to make the necessary investments. And you’re on your way up!Better results produce happier clients. Happier clients will testify on your behalf and refer other clients. But more important still, they’ll allow you to bring them idea after idea, always pushing for better and better results. Up, up, up.It’s more difficult to climb than it is to descend. You need to be resourceful in producing difficult to obtain results. You need to be proactive in identifying new opportunities. Climbing requires that you take initiative. You can’t rest on your laurels and climb at the same time.If you’re climbing, keep moving upward at whatever pace you can. If you are trapped in the vicious downward cycle, stop that descent by taking the actions that allow you to regain your footing and climb. Once you make the change, the momentum will follow. Just keep climbing. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more