Historic hype, pure draw and two new in the Super Cup

first_imgDates of the semifinalsThere is no time for rest and next week the Copa del Rey semifinals will be played. There is no official confirmation, but, in principle, they will be played next Wednesday, February 12 and Thursday, February 13. The return will have to wait. In between, the Champions League round of 16. The departure of these is divided into two weeks, so there will be no news until the week of Wednesday, March 4, date in which the two matches will be played that will definitely decide the two teams that will play the title in La Cartuja.Super Cup matchesThe Supercopa bases also establish that the runner-up of the Copa del Rey must be measured in the semifinals with the League champion. As it happened last season, Barcelona had both characteristics, so There was a pure draw that matched Real Madrid with Valencia and the Blaugrana team with Atlético. The two Madrid won their duel and faced each other in the grand final. In her, those of Zidane won the first trophy of the new era in the penalty shootout.A first edition with the greatsValencia, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, as great powers of national football, were the participants of the first edition of the Spanish Super Cup in the Final Four format. While the competition bases make it the strongest to participate in the Saudi Arabia tournament, if a team gives the bell and plays the Copa del Rey final against all odds it will have its historic opportunity. “My counselors are already preparing turbans and everything to go to Arabia. We are prepared,” he said with a laugh Alfredo de Miguel, president of Mirandés in El Larguero. Granada, Real Sociedad, Mirandés and Athletic sigh for it.Results of the quarterfinalsAthletic 1 – Barcelona 0Real Madrid 3 – Real Sociedad 4Mirandés 4 – Villarreal 2Granada 2 – Mirandés 1 In the semifinals of the Copa del Rey there will be more at stake than the illusion of reaching the final of La Cartuja. And it is that the two winners of the crosses will automatically seal their classification for the Spain Supercup, to be held in January 2021 in Saudi Arabia. In other words, regardless of what chance has, or Granada or Mirandés or Real Sociedad or Athletic Club will be released in the new format. It is no longer possible for the Cup final to host the first two of LaLiga Santander, except for drastic and unlikely change in the classification. In this way, the new Supercopa of Spain will have two new teams, which were not present in the same edition. The new format of the KO tournament has not left anyone indifferent, with a historic hype, made up of four clubs that don’t even play European competitions. Four for a dream. However, none of the Copa semifinalists will get into the Super Cup because they are one of the four final survivors. To do so, you must win your tie and qualify for the match by the title. The same has happened this season: Barcelona was the League champion and finalist of the KO tournament, so one of the places was still to be decided. The Valencia, champion, he had it insured and Atlético, second in the First Division, too. Who was going to stop the remaining one was debated and it was decided not to stay in the semifinals but to stop for the third of LaLiga, as collected in the bases of the competition. This year, the two finalists will enter the Super Cup directly and will be accompanied by the first two of LaLiga Santander.Pure drawThe draw for the Copa del Rey (Friday, 13:00, from Las Rozas and on the official RFEF channels) will match the four survivors of the KO tournament without any conditioner. The qualifiers will be back and forth, as in the previous format. The Mirandés, which has enjoyed the privilege of the field factor because of its status as a minor team, will no longer have it, but it will depend on what chance brings. This way, you can play both at home and away.last_img

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