Vehicle insurance could be linked to road safety

first_imgYour annual vehicle insurance premium could well depend on your driving habits as the transport department is looking for ways to improve road safety in the state and reduce the number of accidents and fatalities. State Transport Commissioner Shekhar Channe told journalists at a Road Safety Workshop on Tuesday that providing incentives for good driving practices in the form of lower insurance premiums can be looked at. “For the first time there’s a dedicated agency looking at road safety and the transport department will work on a war footing to reduce the road accidents in the State by at least 10% next year,” Mr. Channe said. The requisite infrastructure for implementing such an idea — the VAHAN database, a record of all offences and accidents — was there and all that was needed was to link it with data from insurers and the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority. “There is already a serious issue with regard to motorists not having vehicle insurance, especially with private vehicles,” he said. Maharashtra witnessed 13,059 fatalities in road accidents in 2018, which was 4 % higher than 2017. Mr. Channe said the traffic police has started taking strict action against offenders They have already suspended driving licenses of more than 13,000 drivers for breaching traffic rules across Maharashtra.During the session speakers said that basic road safety practices such as wearing a seat belt or a helmet would go a long way to reduce fatalities. “The helmet should be part of a two-wheeler. They should make modifications to it so that there is space for riders to keep two helmets,” Vijay Patil, Superintendent of Police, Highway Police, Maharashtra, said. He added that according to the law it is the responsibility of the dealer to provide a helmet along with the two-wheeler and people should demand it while buying one.last_img

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