Mom and son kicked off plane

A local celebrity was kicked off a plane, because of a crying toddler. Sarah Blackwood, the lead singer for the Burlington based band “Walk off the Earth”, was on board a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Vancouver with her son and friend Wednesday evening, when she says they were told to get off the plane before take off, because her almost two-year-old son would not stop crying. Sarah Blackwood is also 7 months pregnant and an avid flyer. She has been traveling with her son his entire life. She says what should have been a routine flight turned into a nightmare. “He was more fussy than usual on this flight but that’s what happens. He is a kid he is going to cry.”She was then asked by a flight attendant to control her child on board United Flight 6223, operated by Skywest Airlines.“I am also 7 months pregnant, so I was holding him the best that I could and he was squirming and crying really loud but everyone around didn’t mind they were fine with it and very sympathetic. I knew he was going to fall asleep, I know my son and he did fall asleep. Then they turned the plane around and got up to the gate and by the time we were at the gate my son was fully asleep and they sent a lady on the plane to ask us to leave the plane.”Skywest airlines says “the crew made the difficult decision to remove Ms. Blackwood and her child from the flight based solely on safety concerns. Despite numerous requests, the child was not seated, as required by federal regulation to ensure passenger safety, and was repeatedly in the aisle of the aircraft before departure and during taxi.”“I was in a window seat so there was no way he could have been running in the aisles.” Children under two can travel on their parents lap and don’t require their own seat. Blackwood’s son is 22 months old.

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